Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday AGAIN?

Who Invited Monday?

Who asked for Monday again? Geez louise. Although... what's the alternative? Hmmm. My day started late. I woke up to see hubby dressed and ready to go. (I hate that) Then I'm always behind the eight ball for the rest of the day. Then, I rushed around, and got myself prepared, while he took my equally late son, to school. sigh. So... here I am at work... chatting up my graphics designer, like neither of us have anything to do, and I'm wishing I was home. It's gonna be one of those days, folks.


There IS some good news! Check out Monday's Challenge right HERE at ScrapTiffany! It's a fun one! It's good for cards/altered work,/ scrapbooking layouts, /whatever! Go check it out, and play. As you know, I've been really into making these cards lately! I don't know why... but I love them. I love that they stand up like a mini layout when you are done! I also LOVE this lattice punch. I punched some papers at Scrapfest, but don't know what the punch is. I need to find out, because I have to buy it. I just bought the Martha Stewart lattice punch, but it's smaller than this one. Beautiful... but smaller. I must get this one. It beautifies whatever you use it on. I think, anyways. Now, as for this challenge, I had a hard time choosing a favourite company, so I finally picked one, and Here is what I did! Do you know the manufacturer of this paper? (for those who don't, I tell you tomorrow)
I love a few different manufacturers. There is some gorgeous product out there! This is just one of them. :)
Movie Critique!
The movie? Date Night. Starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell.
I went to see this Saturday night with my hubby, Gary. OMG. This movie is funny! It's a typical couple who *try* to find time in their busy lives to still be a couple... somewhat unsuccessfully. They do have date night, but like so many of us, it also becomes a bit *the same* after awhile. They still have fun on their date night, but their's no excitement. Just casual good times, and the same good time as the last date night. You know how it is! When they decide to shake it up a bit after their friends tell them they are divorcing, and they head into a popular restaurant in the city, they don't have reservations, and it all goes array. They take matters into their own hands by taking someone else's reservation, when they see that they aren't responding to the call, and they aren't there! That's when things go downhill for them... and uphill in comedy for us! And Tina and Steve? Remind me a bit of an exaggerated version of Gary and I. They just seem like a real couple. It's so funny. We laughed and laughed. You will too. You have to see this movie. Well worth it. I'm not really into Steve Carell's humour, but I loved him in this. Tina Fey too. Just a great DATE NIGHT movie!


Marlene said...

Fantastic cards! These are really pretty!!

Thanks for the movie review...LOL. I thought that might be a good movie!

Sudie said...

I thought it was a good movie too. We saw it on Girls Night, but my husband would have enjoyed it.

Linda Beeson said...

Wow on your creations! I need to try that style. I saw that movie recently and so enjoyed it, really funny and touching too.

ellen s. said...

oh man. i know what you mean...i am STILL sluggish today! that card is so cool...

i am glad you liked that movie, i was hoping it would be good! TFS