Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day Off - - MOMMY STYLE!!!

I took yesterday off! But I took it off as a Mom does. Kwim? A man takes a day off, and what does he do? He goes golfing. Hangs out with his buddies... watches some tv... heads to the hardware store... works on his car... You know the drill. Some women take the day off, and go shopping... have their nails done... get their hair done... see a show with the girls... go for coffee with her friends... you know that drill too. Nope. I did neither of those things. I took the day off "MOMMY STYLE"!

So... My son went to his girlfriend's for Easter dinner on Sunday, so I had our dinner yesterday! I decided on Lasagna spread, from scratch. Yummo! I got started in the morning, by cooking the noodles. (nope, I do not buy the oven ready ones, cuz they're too hard). I had them ready by 9am, and then cleaned the kitchen. (I like working in a clean kitchen). Then.. I fed the puggle of ill repute... Beauregard. I cleaned the cat litter, and fed Disney and Jag.. said cats! It's now 10am, and I'm into my second load of laundry, have stripped the beds, and am starting on the bathroom. After the bathroom, I come into the kitchen, and work on the lasagna some more. Things need to happen, and I make it so. By noon, the lasagna is all set, and I am once again cleaning the kitchen, and heading into the livingroom to dust and clean. Then I need to wash the floors. By 1:45, I am throwing in load number 4! And Freshly laundered sheets are being put on the bed. I dig out the vaccuum, and do whatever floors in the house, that are not hardwood or ceremic, or tile. I'm finished by 2:30. I decide to go on an exhibition and discover just what hides beneath the livingroom sofa. Boy... I coulda saved that for a more rainy day. Alas, once discovered... it must be managed. I do that, and then I sit down, where hubby finds me at 3:55pm. He makes the joking remark... "Aha! Caught you! Having a nice lazy day, are you!!!"

He's buried in a shallow grave out back.

Ok.. so he's not. I still need him on occasion, so I let him live. Why? Cuz he's not a Mommy. He doesn't get days off... Mommy Style!

Have you checked out ScrapTiffany's new challenge? It's a Sweet One! I'll leave it at that! Go check it out right HERE !!!!!! :)


Marlene said...

I think I need a nap after just READING what you did!

Pamela said...

Haha...those are the moments where you just want to strangle those men huh. :)

Denine said...

You made me laugh outloud.
It is amazing that we Mommy's sit down for a moment and we must have been doing it ALL DAY!! I guess its the elves and fairies that take care of all the household things.. HUH???!! Silly me, I forgot all about Tinkerbell.. and the 7 dwarfs.. oh and Cinderella.. LOL.

one word... MEN!!!
Thank you for the laugh.. I loved it!!