Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Teens, Holidays, and That Whole Da*n thing

Easter Sunday was not what it used to be. Oh sure... we got up and went to Mass. My son (16 year old, GREAT child, with an EQUALLY great.. (as in massive) attitude, gets up earlier than usual to get his stash. Hubby walked the dog as usual. Me? I was up at usual 5:30ish. Easter Bunny left his *due* on the Kitchen table, cuz Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need skulks about in the night, for deserted yummies he can manage to wriggle off of someplace he can actually get to. And he can get to the sofa. With a giant leap! But still... that means no chocolate can go there. But still... I digress. I mean.. would YOU trust this face???

My Easter. The Teen. That whole darn thing. Gone are the days of excitement... bunny paws... fun little presents that cost very little, but have big rewards... and new Easter outfits and pictures. My son wakes up and his hair isn't quite right... so pictures? Expect a scowl. And MOM... PLEASE... do we really need another picture of me? ahem.

Well, um... yeah.

Still... the bunny came... brought him cologne, (some soccer player smelly stuff)... and a DVD of Season 4 of Two and a Half Men... a family favourite. As I'd already said.. no dinner, cuz he had to work. :( But... we did enjoy our brunch. I picked him up at 11pm last night.. from work. He brought me a coffee (he usually does)... and a yogurt for himself. And we went home. Me? I headed back into the dungeon.. er.. scraproom...and he stayed in the livingroom watching his new DVD. Ok.. so that part is the same. He was wearing his new cologne, and watching his new DVD. He must use his new stash on day one. That part makes me feel like.. even though he tells me he's grown up. He's still my boy. He still has those basic instincts about himself that are still present. It's not a matter of losing the fun, when they are older. It's about finding it in other places. My fun can definitely be found in his sweetness. His kindness. His volunteer hours. Hard work. And in the hugs he still gives me before heading up to bed.

When I think back to *those good old days*... all the things I miss about my *baby*... I am left with one very sure thought. If I could have my baby back, in place of my 16 year old? Not in a million years. I miss him when he's at work! At school! I can't imagine not having him around.. or at least to chat with. He's pure gold... no matter what age he is.

And at the end of the day... I still have my fur babies that love me like little ones do. Well... 2 out of 3 do. The other cat much prefers my son Dana. Nobody else. Just him. And the other animals, of course. But Disney and Beauregard? They ... like typical siblings... fight for Mommy's attention. That makes me happy. Sad, eh? They'll both come up to my feet... stand expectantly... and wait to jump up and LET me love them up. Am I coming across too needy???

Sketch time!

So... I decided to do up another sketch this morning. Not sure why. I just felt like it. I hope it brings some inspiration to anyone. Let me know if it does.


Pamela said...

Great sketch!

kimosabescraps said...

Love the sketch... thanks so much for sharing about your son.. he sounds like an amazing kid!

Molly said...

I am loving the sketch! :)q

KarenSue said...

it was my furbaby that helped me with the empty nest syndrome.

I'd probably be quite crazy without him to spoil