Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22

There Should Be A Law!

It's an odd day today. First of all.. I'm home from work. When I can, I've decided to take Wednesday's off. To take control of this barn I live in. No.. that's insulting to the poor animals out there, who actually DO live in a barn... and take care of it. No... words leave me, when it comes to describing this hovel. We need to find order in this chaos. And we need to find it now. I got up early, and walked Beauregard. Why? Hubby left town for a big appointment, early early. Which left Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need, needing me. So... I headed out first.. to get coffee. (we haven't bothered to replace our coffee pot yet.) I came home to find the pup permanently placed in his spot, ready to be holstered and hitched for his walk... attached him to his leash... or, what we've affectionately dubbed... his thinking machine... and out the door we went. Yeah.. *thinking machine*? Beautiful Beauregard, has no concept of danger. Or of peeing in a straight line AWAY from his body... but that's a whole other ball... which will require photos and instruction on the anatomy of a puggle... but I digress... He will walk out in front of traffic, without a care in the world. As he bobs his Beauregard head out of the car window, one must hang on tight, cuz, yeah... he'll leap right out of there too. Doesn't matter how fast a clip, you have said car going. I've personally caught him mid-air. Anyway... Out the door we headed... into the lovely world of mist, smelly mud, a park that the city loves to espouse as all natural beauty...(IOW... let grow as nature intended... or as us thinking folk say... low maintenance with lots of poor water drainage, and animals running amock)... rain.. and... yeah.. I did say rain. Cold, drizzly, wet, water from the sky. On me? It is cold, wet, drizzly, and yucky. On Beauregard? It's a reason to smell... and a reason to shake, rattle, and roll the water from his body onto... yep.. me again. By the time he'd sniffed and snorted his way around the pathways, I was soaked, and yet he managed to drain most of the water off of his back onto mine... remaining mostly dry... but smelly. (Nothing like the warm, musty smell of a dog covered in mud and rain... even when he does manage to shake some off. However.. he did do his job like a good Beauregard does... and home we came. Warmth. ah. Never underestimate the lure of a warm home, when coming in out of the rain. Can't be beat.

I took a quick pic of the needy beast... and can't you just see the smug look, as he plays all innocent? He knows he has me. He tosses me a quick kiss, and heads on up to lay on our bed... smelly, damp fur and all. That's where you'll find him now. Sprawled on his back.. 4 legs going in various directions... happy in the knowlege that all is right in his world. Makes me wonder what makes MY world all right? What happens in my world that causes me to sprawl out, content, happy, worry free? I seriously need to think about that one. How about you?

Here's a layout that I did.

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