Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009

A Survey for you.



So... I need to fix up my blog. I want to start... just START... by adding some fun links. I want to get some inspiration links up. Some great video links... some great KIT links. You name it...

So... If you are into the Scrapbooking world... can you help me out here! Let me know about the hidden gems out there that you love. Can you either answer my survey here... or just post one or two of your favourite links you think I should post here on my blog!

Thanks! :) As a thank you... I'll send someone a little package of some vintage stuff I'm going to go hunting for. Haven't gone yet... but I want to go for me... so I'll just grab some extras!!!

1. Where are your three (3) favourite scrapbooking forums to visit?

2. Where are your three (3) favourite NON-scrapbooking forums to visit?

3. What are your three (3) favourite Kit Clubs that you either receive, or would LOVE to receive?

4. What are your three (3) favourite places to go to for Scrapbooking videos?

5. Where are the three (3) top blogs you must read?

6. Any links that I've not asked for, that you think would benefit people to have? This can be either scrapbook related, or not.

7. What scrapbooking *celeb* has a very inspiring blog that you always visit?

8. What scrapbooker out there... totally unknown... do you think is on her way up, and should be watched?
Here's a little sketch I did up, for your enjoyment today!!!


Pamela said...

A lot of great questions here. Forums...I love 2peas, ScrapLovers and a myspace group called Scrapbook challenges. There are several others I visit too, but those are my favs. Kits...I LOVE Scarlet Lime. :) Blogs...mine. :) J/K...I like the Pink Paislee blog, the Unity Stamp company blog and the Prima blog. For other links check out my blog and see what I have posted there. Good luck gathering info!

Audrey said...

Keep in mind that I'm mostly a digital scrapper these days, so my info may lean in that direction.

1. 2Peas, Digishoptalk,

2. I don't visit NSBR forums. To be honest, I do more lurking in the SBR forums than I do posting.

3. Label Tulip, Studio Calico

4. Don't watch many scrapbooking videos.


6. The whole site is great -- a good blog, digital products store, forum and gallery -- all with the purpose of getting others to focus on telling their stories.

7. Ali Edwards has a great blog; so does Cathy Zielske. I also enjoy Jessica Sprague's blog.

8. I am so far out of the whole industry hype that I honestly couldn't answer this.

Hailey said...

1. & 2. I do not really visit any forums much. I lerk 2peas mostly. Sometimes

3. Jenni Bowlin Kits or random sellers on etsy

4. You Tube only

5. Hmm....Well I love my blog of course...I will try to give you off the beaten path links.

and lets see how about Claudine Hellmuth.
6. My new blog candy site for daily links including your blog!

7. I also like Suze she always has funny stories and eclectic projects.

non scrappy sites check out the links on my blog there are some fun ones.

8. me or you :) lol. There are a ton, hard to pick.


Sandie said...

You ladies are great to answer!!! And your names are in for some goodies!

KarenSue said...

in some categories, tough to choose 3:

1. 3 fave scrap forums..Queen and Co., Prima Blog, Melissa Francis blog

2. 3 non-scrap..HGTV, Cake Wrecks,

3. 3 kit clubs, (belong to all 3)
Bad Girls, I Am a Scrapaholic, and Steph's Stampin Up

4. videos, can't help, I don't like watching videos on my computer..

5. blogs must read. (this is the hardest to pick only 3), but I start my morning with Cats and Cardstock (Lily and Tinsel), 2 Paws Design and Divine Scrapbooking (though its been a couple of weeks since she posted)

6. any links not covered...hmmmm use this to create your own slideshow

7. scrap celeb...
I really like the work of Jamie Waters, but don't know about a blog or not

8. unknown but inspiring...
love the work of Melina on Living, Creating and Appreciating. (link on my blog)

tina werner said...

hey sandy!
i have a blog i like to visit for inspiration it's called print and pattern, it's a really neat site.

here are 2 great card making sites:

at the moment, i'm not getting an kits... i really need to use up some of my stash ;)

i'm not to chatty on the boards either... sorry to say that it sometimes consumes me and i have a hard time pushing away from the computer.

Lou Collins said...

HI Sandy! Firstly, I love Katy Godbeer's, I think I am the next big thing (HA-HA), Scrapping Out Loud and Scrap Schemes r my fave challenge blogs, love butterfly crafts and UK Scrapers forums, fave online shop is papermaze, and adore their blog, 'scrap, paper, scissors' I don't do kit clubs or hunt for videos - sorry! You are welcome to browse and copy any of the links on my blog!
Secondly, could i have your e-mail addy to send you the details for the Scrappers Block DT pls?
Lou XX