Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30

Time Gone By
Layout: The Author of my Dreams
This picture is of me years and years ago. I had time to kill, at work. I was the manager/photographer at a portrait studio, and was sitting around snapping photos of myself. I was reading a Harlequin romance at the time. I must have read thousands of those books. All the time... non stop.. and my dream at the time was to write one. Yes, I've written over the years... but never my *harlequin romance*. I have one that is half written, and I've decided to do the unthinkable, and actually FINISH my harlequin romance. I mean.. hey... the satisfaction alone should be worth it, right? Of course, it will take time away from all my other things right now... including the office, and my cleaning.. but why not! The only things it won't interfere with are 1. family 2. scrapbooking 3. my other writing. So many years have passed. I hate that I have not fulfilled one of my dreams. I hate that I stopped before I started. I can take trying and failing. But not trying? Ugh. Wasted time. Wasted. Is there a uglier word? When I look at that picture I am struck by that younger woman. The one who felt sure she could write this novel... and stopped trying. Regrets are a terrible thing. No more regrets. As I said... I'd rather fail. Now, the only thing I need to find... is time.
Here is a sketch I did for you.


Pamela said...

Well good for you! Good luck! I have always wanted to write a novel.

Kate said...

I've got a book half written too!
More in the paranormal romance area. GOOD LUCK!