Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Someone.

You Don't Know Them.

A Friend.

For those of you with teenage sons... you may be well aquainted with the comments above. And for those of you who will have teenage sons in the future? You may as well become aquainted with the comments above.

Mom/Dad: "So... who are you having dinner with?"

Teenage son... "Just a friend."

Mom/Dad: "Does this friend have a name?"

Teenage son... "Yes"

Mom/Dad: "Good. If their parents were to need to talk to them, what would they call them?"

"Mom! / Dad! Stop it"
And so the same ole same ole took place this weekend, while I got up... ON THE WEEKEND WHEN SLEEPING IN IS ALLOWED... AND NAY... ENCOURAGED, I might add... to drive said child to work. (he works part time while in high school)... and I think I almost pulled over to smack said lovely child.

Ok.. so he's delightful... gets good grades... works hard... elected Student Trustee for Catholic School Board... has all good friends... and stays out of trouble. All true. But throw me a bone for pity sake. His *girl* friends will climb in the van, and I'll get more information from their rapid speak to me, in the space of 3 1/2 minutes, than I'll have gotten from him in the past month! That's why his dad and I happily give rides whenever they are requested. Please. There's a method to our madness.

The first is called Fresh Faced, and the second one is called We 3. Both.. of course... are about my Bean, Dana, who is the cutest son a Mom could ask for. tfl I've really started to enjoy the bright patterned paper lately. Not sure what has changed. But I used to dislike it, and prefer the autumn and muted colours. Now... not so much.

HEY! Happy Belated Thanksgiving, to my fellow Canadians. May you always find something to be eternally thankful for!
What am I thankful for? I am thankful for my husband and son, of course! I am thankful for the faith that I enjoy. I am thankful for life, and for my memories. I am thankful that I have my scrapbooking as an outlet for play and comfort. And I am thankful for my pets... Disney, Jaguar, and Beauregard.

And I'm thankful for you guys! I'm sending you big hugs.
Here are a Few *Thanks* cards!

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