Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Monday

An Experiment in Life


A Pact of Positivity

So Good To Me?
Ok.. so Monday isn't necessarily good to me. It's a day where everyone gets re-stressed for the week, and it means back to school for my son... and back to work for hubby and me. It means the stresses of life pile back on, and you must head on out into the ugliness, an leave the sanctity of your own home. The safe bosom of your family. Etc.

Um.. yeah. Ok.. well the PURPOSE of this is to be positive.. and I lost that somewhere in the middle of this post. But yeah... I've decided to restructure myself. Redefine my level of postivity. I am giving up negativity. It's not about breaking my habit of being negative nellie. It's about creating the NEW habit of positive. That's what I'm deciding on. It won't be easy. I've been negative nellie my entire life. As a writer and poet, I EXCEL when I am depressed. I am ... dare I say it... almost brilliant with my prose, when I am at my low ebb. So.. I'm chancing the loss of what I hold dear... flickers of brilliance... at least in my own mind... for the sake of being positive. Is it worth it? We shall see. This is the experiment. This is the not-so-scientific-experiment-of-life-changing-positivity.

This is interesting. At the very least... somewhat fun.
And who knows what else.

Care to join me? Care to see what life brings to us? Care to make a pact of positivity?

Come on! What do you have to lose? If *they* are right, and we really DO create our good fortune... don't you want a part of it?

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