Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

My son has several places to go for Halloween. He's 17 now... so they are different places.. but still... they are dress up, fun times places. He's running a costume contest at his school... (He's involved in Student Council as School Trustee), and he's got a couple gatherings with his friends. So he went out and bought himself a costume. This is the first year that I haven't put it together for him, in almost his whole life. I am now deprived of the driving around, arguing, looking for something to put together. Going to Value Village, and finding little pieces of the puzzle, and seeing something in my mind, coming out to fruition. Nope. None of that. He calls it a good thing. He doesn't understand. That's what makes us Mom's feel important and involved. Mom-like!

Another new chapter. Another good-bye. But this is a positive blog. A new positive Sandie. So... it's NOT a good-bye. It's a hello! Hello to freedom! Hello to more Me-time. Hello to an independant child! A child who takes care of these things himself! What did my little independant boy come up with? Super Mario! Tights, belly, mustache, hat. His girlfriend wants to go as Miss Peach. His friend? As Luigi. Who says just little ones can enjoy Halloween?

The *Art* of Scrapbooking?

Do you consider yourself a scrapbooker? Or do you consider yourself an artist? Does the distinction matter? IS there a distinction? When does a scrapbooker become an artist?

The reason I ask, is that I am playing with the Project 52 challenges. Right now, we're on Challenge 2... and it's a lot of Mixed Media. I've never played a lot with mixed media... but it feels very *artsy*. When I scrapbook, I don't always feel artsy. But when I work with the mixed media... I feel a bit more *artistic*. You?

My Style?

Help? Speaking of artistic, and scrapbooking... we are often asked to identify what style of scrapbooker we are. I struggle with that. Would you mind having a look at a few of my pages, and give me your opinion on what style of scrapper you think I am?


betsy (pharmgirl) said...


I feel the same way about the "art" in scrapbooking. When I'm using paint, etc to make something my own, it feels more like art. Like CD Muckosky (sp?) - to me, she is a true artist - perhaps it's because she creates so much of a layout page that is her own - not just using premade materials.

I think your style changes up a bit - and i think that's ok. 4 of your layouts look shabby chic to me, and the top one is a bit more classic. I know it's frustrating to sit down in front of your supplies and not even have a clue which way to go. But I think it could make things more fun, right? It drives me crazy - i have no particular style. Maybe you could describe your style as a mix of styles . . .

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I think it's fun to mix it up and get artsy once in a while!!!! :) I hate being tied down to one style although I have to admit that shabby chic really makes my heart sing!
Thanks so so so much for supporting Bad Girls Project 52 with the blinkie. I am really looking forward to what you create for challenge #2!!!

Lynn said...

oooooooooo very cool projects. and i try mixing it up as well. there are times i feel like an artist and then times as a scrapbooker and times a historian. i like the different hats.