Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

It's Tuesday.

Already the week is on its way. I love that. We sail quickly toward the weekend.

It's been a long day today. We were up and out early. In fact... it was still dark when we arrived at the office. Dana had to go to an Applause Breakfast for the Board. As Trustee, he needs to attend all Board functions like this. My little baby looks so grown up in his suit, with the school crest on his tie and jacket, and the Board pin firmly in place on his lapel. My baby. We drop him off at these functions, and his principal brings him to school afterwards. He heads in confidently, and we marvel. We would be nervous during some of these functions, but he doesn't appear to get nervous at all. This layout is in keeping with the times. With Halloween mere days away, I made this layout of October '97. My baby, when he was actually a baby to everyone else. He was Batman. The strange ghoul beside him? That would be his faithful Mommy... aka... Me! What can I say? My son likes his Mommy and Daddy to play too.

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Jen Martakis said...

You look marvelous! ;)

He's an adorable batman. Love your googly-eyed spider!