Sunday, February 8, 2009

Destruction, Chaos, and Clutter, Oh My.

Destruction, Chaos, and Clutter, Oh My!!!

My tiny little crap room... um... I mean, Scrap room, has finally reached the end of the line. There is no more room, without heading upwards... skywards... or just plain stacked.

I entered the abyss, last night, after having a lovely with hubby, at the Homebuilder's Ball. There was a comedien, that Gary thought was hysterical. Me? I was bored, and would much prefer to be in my (s)crap room. With a few glasses of yummy red wine in me, I was less inclined to create, and more inclided to look at my stash and wonder how it got so full up in this teeny tiny little room. oy.

I need to clean things out. I need to hunt thru the internet, and find the fab ideas that others use, in order to organize my scrap stuff. When I find my ideas, and begin to implement them... I'll post here as I go... Maybe, you can use some of the fab ideas I find. Who knows? In the meantime... if you think of some ideas, and feel like sharing... I'm all ears.

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