Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Pride and Perogative

It's definitely a parent's perogative to be proud of their child. I know that we all run and hide from the parent that habitually talks about the multitude of wonders performed by their juniorette, and at the risk of causing such a reaction... can you indulge me to brage, just for a moment... about my son? My 16 year old son! Yesterday, we attended a breakfast held in his honour (and the honour of a few other students around town). He was given an award. The award was in recognition of his outstanding leadership, volunteerism, faith, and overall accomplishments. The principal at his school read off the many reasons he was chosen, and I was just taken aback by this young man. We have always raised him to serve. Volunteerism has always been the backdrop of our lives, and he has taken that, and moved into his own thing. He has chosen those areas that he wants to help in, and gone off on his own and done it. Then, as we were leaving, one of the trustees came up and asked him if he could come and watch him do his television broadcast on Friday. I just stood back and watched him shine, and deal with his life and surroundings in a way far beyond what I would have done at 16. 16!

Here he is being greeted by the City Officials,

as well as our Priest, who is the Chair of the District Catholic School Board.

This is my son with his Principal.

He was pretty proud of Dana . (you can see Dana's is trying to hide his cell phone in his front hand. Texting is the lifeblood of any 16 year old)

A Few Layouts and a Rut

Some layouts. I have been in such a rut lately. These two layouts are my attempt at rejuicing my creative brain. It's an attempt. The first one, is us at 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney's MGM/Disney Studio at Walt Disney World. It's one of our favourite places to go. The other layout *Scholarship Recipient* is me... during my college days. I won this for leadership. I thought it was appropriate to put it on today's post, since my son just received a similar award.

For this layout, I used a sketch from our March Newsletter from

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