Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Economy

Scary Times.
As a small business owner, any time the word RECESSION is spoken.... repeatedly... or even once... I get scared. So many people are suffering. So many are so scared. I wonder how long it will last. Or how bad it will be.

In this economy, how will it affect the Scrapbooking Industry? Will even more stores close? Will we lose some manufacturers? Will we have few new products to play with? Will quality suffer? Will I have to stop shopping?

Is the economy affecting your life? Business? Ability to scrapbook? Are you noticing changes in the industry?
Do you think the media is blowing this out of proportion? Or do you think it's worse than they are saying?
Do you have any tips for getting through economic downturns? Anything you'd like to share?

On a More Cheery Note.....

............................ or maybe not.....

I've been feeling a little lost about my son. 16 is a funny age. Not fun... funny. They are striving for independence, yet very demanding in a "let me be" sort of way. The little boy who hung on your every word and deed, is now the young man who is embarrassed by your every word and deed. So... I have been feeling sad. He's a great boy (young man). He's no trouble. But he IS 16. And he is NOT that into me any more.

With that in mind, I made this layout. It's of him and me, when he was 11. It's called "We Would Laugh Out Loud". The journaling says: Dana... you are still at an age where I am the most special person in your life. You still love me very much, and long to spend time with your Mommy. Laughing and playing... always.


happydays525 said...

It's interesting times for sure, hope we all can pull through!

Hayley G said...

Times are tough, it's true. My DH got laid off in January and it's really made us look at what our priorities are, for example, instead of going to 4 retreats this year, I'll be lucky to go to one, and thats only because I'm committed and have already agreed to share the cost with others. Thats why I'm so grateful to fine these online crops! I hope your small business stays resilient.
(IadoreWentworth @ WeScrap)