Thursday, February 19, 2009

P and O

P and O

Pessimism and Optimism.

I've always had the soul of an artist... one of those maudlin depressed sort of artists. Even as a child, my Mom used to tell me I was an old soul. Someone burdened by the world. And I'm still that way. But I'm changing. I am on a train to change. Some take that train to Georgia. Me? I'm on my way to change.

They say you make your own presence. You need to have an *attitude of gratitude*. I'm building my life around that. My future is being built on the foundation of optimism and gratitude.

I wonder what that will mean? I wonder what changes that'll bring?
My quotes for the day? They're on Optimism, of course!

"NOBODY can go back and start a new beginning,
but ANYONE can start today, and make a new ending."

~ and another ~

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are,
you would never think a negative thought.

What about you? Do you tend towards positive? Or negative? Have you had a fairly positive life? Or... has your life been fraught with pain and difficulties? I think that is where much of our attitude comes from. Difficulties and pain. I mean.. put two women together.. one happily married with 4 healthy kids, money in the bank, living in a nice home, while the other is divorced from a terrible marriage, with no kids, even though she wanted them... no money in the bank, and no home of her own. Ask them both about how positive or negative they are. I'm not sure that we can judge them on their answers alone. I mean.. honestly... one has all of the circumstances to BE happy... while the other does not.

It's a difficult world. And it's getting more difficult ever day. In going over this, I've been thinking... since it IS so difficult, is it not better to be happy regardless? Why did it take me so long to come to that conclusion?

The Interviewer
Back to talking about my 16 year old. Yesterday, he interviewed David Onley. For my American or non-Canadian friends, you might ask... "Who's David Onley?" Well... I will tell you. He is the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and a former Television personality and news anchor in Toronto. He is also a fierce and tireless advocate for the disabled. All in all.. a pretty impressive guy. Dana said he was wonderful to interview, and extremely nice.

This child of mine, is getting a better resume than grownups already in the biz. And he's got some really fun interviews coming up in the next little while. Can't wait to tell you all about those. He's got an interview with one of our favourite comedians, coming up. That should be a hoot.
Anyway... that's my day. Not very exciting. But it's all mine.

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*Paula* said...

I'm working at being a positive person, having come the some of the same realizations that you have. It's working most days but some days are harder than others :)