Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

My House... in the Middle of the BlockI'm Moving!
Moving.  Marvel at the thought!  It's a gorgeous, big older home.  With a spooky basement 100 years old.  Yummy.  I just know there's a ghosty or two in there!!!  :)  I've been in this house for over 17 years, and I'm SOOOOOOOOO ready to move.  
Did I mention that's I'm very very ready to move?
Cuz I am!
My current house is 1,300 sq ft.  That's small!  There's only 3 of us... but it's still small!  My new house?  2,200 sq ft.  Ahhhhh.  It's got a lovely, big kitchen, with a big island.  When I move in... you will see pictures.  Loads and Loads of pictures.

I Promise
I didn't forget my giveaway.  As a result, I'll give away more than one.  Maybe 3!  I finally picked up batteries for my camera.  And I'll do this asap.  I've been so busy, I keep forgetting!!!

It's PROM!!!
Wow.  My little baby.  My Bean.  My little Boo.  He's 17, and today is his prom.  :(  Prom!  It represents such a passage.  The end of childhood, maybe.  Today.. He will head over to his girlfriend's house, and we'll take pictures, and we'll smile.  We'll share a glass of champagne, and then we'll go home and remember.  We'll remember, and we'll reminisce, and we'll wish we could do it over... just for the sheer fun of it!  And then, on the other hand, we'll be thankful that we made it this far, and that he turned out so well.  And we'll take a deep breath and say Thank God!

Say A Prayer, Please!
Will you say a prayer for a young boy in my son's grade who apparently has Bacterial Meningitis?  Very very scary.  He misses prom and all the fun stuff right now... and he is very sick.  It's very sad!


Lynn said...

hugs and prayers. good luck on the move and the ghosties sound intriguing. and yup they grow up fast.

Jenniwren32 said...

How exciting, sounds like a wonderful house. Good luck!! :)

Denine said...

Prayers to the young man for a speedy recovery. Very sad to be so seriously sick period, then on top of being during a memorable time in his life.

Well on a more happy note... Congratulations on the new home... have "fun" moving.. hehe

Can't wait to hear the stories of what you 'uncover' in the basement. :)

Marlene said...

I'll keep the little boy with bacterial meningitis in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Birthday to your son...and congratulations on your new home! Exciting stuff!

Linda Beeson said...

Yeah on your new house! Enjoy!