Monday, May 17, 2010

The Prom!
My little boy!  My baby.  I remember the moment I heard that I was pregnant.  I remember the moment that they brought him into my room when I refused to sleep.  It was 5:00 am, and I just had to have him with me.  I remember moments in time... snippets of grabbed memories that have embedded themselves into my heart and mind, as the most cherished of all.  Moments of laughter, moments of caring, moments of happiness, worry, tears, and yes.. even anger.  The time has gone in a flash, and here I am telling you about my baby and his Prom.  I did up two quick layouts.  I'll be busy doing more!  Here he is.  He is the cutey on the far left.

Check Out ScrapTiffany's Newest Challenge!
Just click RIGHT HERE!  Here is my take on this week's challenge.  Again.. I did it up from my son's Prom this Friday.  :)  You can't see the bling for some reason.  I think I should have photographed it, instead of scanning it.

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Debby said...

They grow up too fast. Great layouts.