Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday,May 18, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

The Bad
I found out the new home we are about to take (well.. not exactly new.. more like over a hundred years old).. but new to US.. anyway.. I found out it might suffer internet-wise.  I need to make sure about this before we finalize.  Oy.  Internet is necessary to us.  Not only because that's where we play... but that's also where we work!  I need to talk to some people in the neighbourhood, and find out what they do.  I'm scrambling.  I have to work it out today.  That's our deadline.    

The Ugly
IF..... IF I can't work out the internet thingie... I have just over a month to find a house.  A house in a market with very little to offer.  I have to pack during that time period.  I have to work full time during that time period.  And I have to act as if it's all great!  My son is about to graduate High school, and he's under his own stress... as is my hubby.  I also am in the middle of starting another company side by side with our current one, because we are starting a publication.  We are doing this, while moving... home and help.  Meetings, contracts, publications, meetings... it's all crammed into an already overdone day.  Happy Days.  

The Good!
I like to end on a happy note.  LOL  The Good?  Last night hubby and I received a letter.  A letter from the Board of Education.  This letter contained 4 invitations to an evening of Awards.  My son is being honoured with something.  They didn't tell us what.  Just that he is being honoured.  Wow.  In the middle of this chaos and stress, I am left realizing that this world gives us many things.  Never without hills and valleys.  With every stuffy room, a window can be thrown open to let in some fresh air, and a way out of the 4 walls binding you.  With every valley, a hill is around a corner.  Even rain rises eventually.  Life is just like that.

A Giveaway!
Ok.. I can't seem to get this picture to work, so I did a search for the stamps.  I'm pretty sure these are it.  ... so... Today, I'll give  away some clear stamps... Autumn Leaves  Doodle Punctuation by Rhonna Farrer.  If you would like these stamps, say hello, and if you feel like it... tell me what your favourite kit is and/or your favourite site is (other than 2Peas, cuz I'm already there) lol , and I'll post a winner tomorrow.

Thanks guys!  Have a GREAT Day!!!



Marlene said...

Sounds like a crazy - BUT - happy life! :) Enjoy! Congrats on your son's achievements.

I love PaperCraft Planet. :)

vtpuggirl said...

Hi Sandy! Big congrats to your son! What a great surprise. Moving is so hard, so, so hard. The most stressful thing ever, but I tried to keep things in perspective by telling myself, ok, will this matter in 6 months to one year? The internet though is a deal breaker. hope you get that worked out!

Casey Wright said...

Congrats for your son - that's very exciting! Also, good luck with the internet thing and house thing - that's rough!