Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's A Cold Cold World

Sad Sorry Face of a Bored Beauregard
the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need

So, the weather outside is frightful,
the snow.. not so... delightful...
there's really no way to go
in that snow, in that snow, with that Beau.

Um.. ok.. bad poetry stealing aside... Beauregard is a sad puggle.  And he's not one to let his mopeyness go unnoticed.  He's bored, and he's a bit teed off that he's stuck in this house.  Now.. as houses go.. it's not a bad one size-wise, to be stuck in.  How much room does a problematic puggle require?  There's 2500 sq ft of roomyness for him to *mope* around in.  And for the most part, he is moping in a 5 sq ft radius.  Which 5 sq ft?  Why the 5 sq feet surrounding ME... that's which!

It's just too cold out right now, for him to go out walking... or even playing in the backyard.  I DO play with him inside.  We play fetch, tug, whatever.  But not enough for Beauregard.  He wants more.  He wants to walk, and potty in strange places.  He wants to run with his ears flopping around him.  He wants out of these walls.  Poor baby.  I have been taking some pictures of my poor, put-upon puggle, these last few days.  As you can see... life is rough on him.  Poor little guy.  
So without further ado... I give to you...  
 Bored Beauregard, the Poor Put-upon Puggle of Perpetual Need...


Pamela said... sad. Great pics though! :)

Bella said...

ADORABLE post and an ADORABLE dog!! Hope the weather changes soon so you don't have to look at this sad face anymore!!

Connie said...

love the pic's sandie

Lisa Dorsey said...

Poor guy. Sweet pictures. Thanks for your book recommendations too. Will have to check them out.