Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rewarding Beauregard and his Daddy

Walking Beauregard

It's cold out, so Gary... sweetie that he is... will walk Beauregard whenever he can, so that I don't have to.   When they're out, Gary waits for him to potty a bunch of times, before he brings him home.  You dog owners get that!  Beauregard enjoys his potty.  And is a frequent participator of the potty parade.  So, when I'm not with him, Gary enjoys sending me pictures of *his boy* enjoying the potty moment.  Thought I'd share.  I don't know why.  LOL  For some reason, a picture of Beauregard in the middle of a potty moment, shows his personality.  And it makes Gary and I laugh.  Well... Gary more than me.  But there you go.  What crazy thing do YOU take pictures of?  You know... as families and individuals, we enjoy and get a kick out of certain things others may not *get*.  And that's what makes us unique.  So come on and share... what picture opportunity do you take advantage of that others may not understand.  LOL 

NEXT.... An Ice Cold Ceasar to warm the body.

So what happens when he comes in from the cold?  Beauregard jumps up to snuggle and warm up with Mommy.  And Gary?  He sits down to a nice Ceasar that I made for him.  He enjoyed it so much, he took a picture of it, to send to some friends... just to say "Hey... here's what I'm doing.  Watching golf, and sipping a spicy Ceasar my wife made.

So here is Gary's old lazy boy chair in the family room, with the handy-dandy spicy ceasar, ready to warm his sweet self with, after walking Beauregard to the nearby park.  Gary loves him a ceasar.  And apparently I make a good one.  And I don't even drink them.  Go figure.  What's your favourite drink of choice?  The *go-to* drink that makes you feel good, as you sit in your favourite spot?

Design Team Choice de Jeur

I've sure been enjoying seeing all of the new CHA product!  Wow.  Just amazing stuff.  How awesome to be on one of those teams, and to have a supply of that yummy goodness, arriving at your door!
One day.  One day, I'm going to apply, and I'm going to get chosen.  
One day.
If you could choose... what Design Team would you like to be on, that you are not currently on?

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Connie said...

my Dt would be jenni Bowlin ~ pretty high expectations, right!!BTW ~ it's cold here too!!!