Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Books

My son informed me that he likes my Mini Books best.  Go figure.  I didn't think he liked those at all!  I thought that at the stage he's at (18), my scrapbooking was very much low on his list of things to enjoy.  And I thought the mini books were lower than all of it.  Shows you should never make assumptions... even about those you know best in this world!

Anyway... I'm working on a book for him now.  It's a Grad/Prom Book.  Here are a few pics of it.  Of the cover, and of an inside shot.  I'll post it when it's all completed.

Do you do mini books?  What kind?  This is a paperbag book. I should have fixed the ribbon prettier when I took this picture... but I don't have the camera handy to retake it,  I love paper bag mini albums.  What's your favourite kind?


Marlene said...

Ooooh...these are pretty!

jazsutra said...

I like reading your blog. Tickles
Me somehow. And you are such a nice mom. Am sure your son will treasure this Gorgeous album.!!
Thank so much for your bloglove.