Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2

Day Two
The Continuing Saga of 
Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need
- and -
New Sister-- Mischa the Mischievous Monkey Faced Mutt!
Ok... So I solved one problem!  I went out last night, and picked up a 30 foot leash.  Now, I've secured one end of that leash to my back deck stairs.  The other?  I attach to a squiggly monkey, in order to send her in the backyard to do *pee pee*.  (or whatever) (but I CALL it pee pee, and she gets it) I think. I send her out, when Beauregard makes the call.

Notice how long the leash is!  She can follow along behind Beauregard, and yet, he can still go to a part of the yard that she cannot get to, and *do his thing*

She does like to be where Beauregard is, but she NEEDS to be connected. That girl can move. And she doesn't move TOWARDS you.  She moves in several directions... none of which is the one you want her to take. So that leash is a Godsend. And it keeps her safe.  Beauregard does tend to sniff and wonder at that contraption connected to her. I think he's more concerned that it'll end up on him.

If I go inside, she'll do her business, and come back up to the door.  That's where I'll find her... a little face, almost lost in the back door span.

Of course, once we are back inside, I sit on my large comfy couch, and try and get some work done on my mac laptop.  Next to me, is Beauregard, and then my Monkey, Mischa sits just behind him.  But... let's face it. This is Mischa. She doesn't play second fiddle very well.  
And being further away from me than him? 
That is a problem. 

But not an insurmountable one.  
I didn't get the picture, but with so little space available, 
the monkey decided that the best way around Beauregard
was OVER him. 
And she proceeded to climb over him, to get here.

Hmmm. Her smile is evident.  Beauregard's
is not.

 Day two is running smoothly. But if she leaves the room, I tend to follow. Why?
Because yesterday, the little minx left me some lovely nuggets in the shag Martha Stewart rug, in the great room by the fireplace.
What fun!
And yes... I did step in it.
Effectively smooshing it into the shag.
And having to cut it out
Day two.
One more day put towards an effective training program.

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Lynn said...

oh my. what an adventure.