Thursday, February 24, 2011

Follow The Leader

Let's Play
Follow The Leader

Well, on Day 3 of the new Doggie Caper... Mischa, the Mischievous Misbegotten Mutt
has decided that not only does she want to follow Beauregard around
She wants to DO everything he does
BE everywhere he is
HAVE everything he has!
For example... if Beauregard lays beside Mommy on the Family Room sofa
Mischa lays beside him with Mommy.
But notice her hind legs... she's ready to rock and roll.

She makes her way down to a full lay down...
but manages to maneuver herself closer to Beauregard's toy...

Eventually, she gives up, and just grabs it
and begins chewing, while keeping an eye on Beauregard.

Since she's making too much noise, Beauregard heads to the floor for his rest.
and of course, Mischa the Minx.... follows...
and begins to butt her head into Beauregard....

But Beauregard ignores her in favour of some rest.
But Mischa will have none of it.
She proceeds to mount him!

and then COMPLETELY forgetting that she is a SPAYED FEMALE
she mounts him AND tries to have her way with him
if you know what I mean!!!!!

Beauregard then gets up and looks at me as if to say
OH COME ON!  Do ya SEE what she's doing???
Help me, Mommy!
I'm getting a little fed up!
and besides... I'm the GUY!

Of course... with Beauregard standing there...
Can Mischa be far behind?
"Whatcha lookin at?" she seems to be saying...
"Oh hey, Mommy!"

So Beauregard goes to head outside for a break
or maybe a potty.
And toddling beside him...
uh huh
His shadow

The day went on and on like that until Beauregard toddled off to bed with Daddy.
Me? I follow much later.... and then end up back on the sofa in the family room
in the middle of the night.
And with me? 

But after following Beauregard's every move...
has made her very tired.

Exhausted, in fact.

But in the middle of her sleep
she must be dreaming
of getting at Beauregard

Cuz she's all over the place in her sleep.

and then morning came...
and we're about to start all over again.

What on earth will today hold?


Connie said...

adorable poochies!!!!They look like the enjoy each other as much as you enjoy them!!!

Lynn said...

rofl. the commentary is just too funny and then their faces omg. how did you not lose it while taking their photos. very fun.