Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Day

So I got working on a page last night.. and got distracted. I'm REALLY getting into this art journal. It's become a tad obsessive. So.. I put my page down.. and headed into the kitchen to grab my art journal. (Ok.. so it's in the kitchen.  I have a large marble table in my kitchen, that I use to prepare food on... keep MANY things on.. and take photos on. What can I say)
So.. anyway.. I went and grabbed it, and INTENDED on working on the cover. But nope. I did a page. The first page. I had to. It was there mocking me in it's dirty whiteness. (dirty because I'd gotten paint on it from the other days work).  Mocking me. Dirty whiteness.

So here it is. Notice I journalled a bit more with this page. And I added stuff to it. I'm just going with it. I was anal at first. (Ok.. so the day before yesterday)_ but now? Not so much! It's MY art journal. So why am I looking elsewhere for the rules on what I can and can't do? That sounds silly yes? So.. I am currently making the rules for said art journal. And I've said... Go Ahead, Sandie! Use whatever you feel like! Fun! That just opens things up, doesn't it!

Anybody else working on an art journal they want to share???  I'd LOVE to see yours!

My doggies are beside me, and looking kinda cute. So, I snapped a pic or two of the monsters. We've all gained a bit of weight. Ok.. so Beauregard the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need and I have gained weight and it shows. Mischa? She's gained. It's just she WAS so darn tiny to start with, it looks different on her. That's my story... and I'm sticking to it.

Beauregard                   Mischa       

Bearegard and Mischa


Lynn said...

ooooo i love it. i have one that i work on from time to time. i start out artsy and end up having it look like a scrapbook page. lol!!! its scattered throughout my blog though as i haven't worked on it for awhile.

Connie said...

Sandi~that is super cool. love how your art journal is taking shape!!!