Monday, January 23, 2012

Having Fun With my Layouts!

Layout #1  "How to Grow a Tim Horton's Boy". This is a funny layout of my son. What makes it funny? He's drinking out of a Tim Horton's cup as a baby. 16 years later, he will be working at Tim Horton's as a Baker and a Supervisor. Hence the title "How to Grow a Tim Horton's Boy".  Funny! The other layout is called Life and Fate. It's interesting where life and fate takes us. For those of you who are not Canadian, you should know that Tim Horton's is a Donut//Coffee place that is the most popular in Canada. It was started by a hockey player named Tim Hortons.   The way he's looking at the cup makes me laugh. It really does look like he sees his future.    I need to get a pic of him today, in his uniform. But I don't have it.  I will get a picture the next day he goes into work.  I think I'll add it to the 2nd layout. Not quite sure. :)                                                           

Layout #2   "Fate and Life"
I did this layout first.. with the intentions of putting a pic of him in his uniform today. Then, I got the idea to do the "How to grow" layout, and I did that one too. I had to. It literally called out to me.
                                                                           I'm getting addicted to making those flowers. Love doing that. I'm making them by the dozens I think. I now have a box full of various types. lol

This Face!
I get such a kick out of Beauregard's face. He looks at me, and I laugh. His face melts my heart. All wrinkly and sad-eyed.  You can hear him say it.. "Don't you love me anymore??" "I just don't got no friends no how."  What a dawg.

Mischa Has Taken to the Bottle!
This little doggie loves her bottles. Every time I finish a bottle of water.. and I drink a LOT in a day... she takes the bottle.. and is all about it. And yes.. it's NOISY. I think that might be part of the charm. The noise. Mischa loves to make noise. She loves to bark. And she loves to chat. You can hear words coming from her, she chats so much. I'll have to video a chat one day and put it on here.


Connie Mercer said...

how cool is that the story behing Lo #1~that should get him a raise:):):) Super cute Sandi!!!Beautifully done~

Lisa Dorsey said...

Ha! Love the title on your layout! Cute puppy photos too. :)

Linda Beeson said...

Cute layouts, love the flowers and aren't our puppy dogs too much fun!