Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Very First Mothers Day
These pictures make me laugh when I think about the story. He hated grass at this age, so my husband would pick him up and put him at the far side of the yard, and he'd crawl on fingertips and tippytoes all the way back, complaining and grunting the whole way... and then when he'd make it, my hubby would scoop him up and run him back. What a meanie. We'd laugh so hard, that the baby would laugh.. and start back.. complaining the whole way. Sometimes parents can be so bad.  My hubby teases him like that to this day.

You can't tell... but the flags have the words My First on them... so that the title is "My First Mothers Day"


Pamela said...

Great page!! :)

Penny said...

Very cute layout and photos! I loved the story behind them!
Love Penny