Monday, January 9, 2012

January Picks
I'm loving the fact that it's January. All of my favourite shows are back on tv. The more tv I watch? The more I NEED to watch. I have that magical beast called 'PVR'. I can tape any  number of tv shows on it. When I want to check some out, I tape them and look later. Well.. when they are good... I get really caught up in them... and I have to tape them ALL the time. Now I'm addicted to 
1. Supernatural
2.  Grey's Anatomy
3.  Once Upon a Time
4.  Flashpoint
6. NCIS: Los Angeles
7. Criminal Minds
8. Personal Interest
9. Hawaii 5-0
10. Bachelor

I'm sure there are others, but I might have forgotten them. It's funny how taste's change too. I used to watch mostly all reality tv. Now? Not so much. Although.. I am watching The Bachelor.. and I'l watch Big Brother. LOVE those. I like PVR, because I watch the shows while I scrap, or while I can't sleep. I don't have the time to watch them when they're on. So... I watch them when I have time. :) What can I say. What about you? What's the show you can't go without watching? Any? None?

Here's a layout of my son. I love these pictures because he's so bright-eyed. Happy. Fun. 


Sylvia said...

awww... your son is too cute! love the pictures of him and your arty LO :)

Lynn said...

awww isn't he adorable!! love the fun in the page. I love my DVR as well. It makes you not be a slave to the tv.

Pamela said...

I am really enjoying Once Upon a Time too! Fantastic layout!!! :)

Michelle StClair said...

Those photos of your son are so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!! Love that layout too!