Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A Disney World... well... CRUISE!

 The Disney Magic!
December 10 to 17th, 2011

So.. as many of you know, my son went on the Disney Cruise in December, with his girlfriend. We've done the cruise as a family, when he was younger, and we've done Disney World a number of times, of course. This just goes to show that once you are a Disney person... you are always a Disney person. He works full time, is in University in Toronto, full time, studying to be a Television journalist, and he is paying for his own education. Yet.. he budgets to go to Walt Disney World, and on the cruise. I can't help but get a kick out of that fact. We really do teach our kids a lot by our own likes and dislikes... and by what we expose them to.  I got these pics from him yesterday, and thought I'd post them for those of you who've never been on a Disney cruise. I highly recommend it! It's amazing. What is nice for those like my son, who travel with no kids, there are adult only pools, restaurants, and areas, that make it as fun for anyone who is going.

My son Dana in white shorts, walking onto the cruise ship

Dana walking the deck

The Mickey Pool and Slide

Dana, Victoria and Sorcerer Mickey

Dana and his girlfriend before a formal dinner on the ship
Dana and his girlfriend

Dana, Victoria, Chip and Dale

The Disney Magic
Santa in the lobby of  cruise ship
Dana, Victoria, Pinnochio and Jiminy Cricket

Animators Palate restaurant. It goes from B/W to colour during meal
On the deck
The lobby decorated for Christmas
Their cabin


Connie said...

oh I bet you had a blast!!!! great pic's~thanks for sharing with us!!!

Lynn said...

Looks like a blast was had by all. and the pix are awesome!

Scrappin1 said...

follwed your name link to let you know you have won Fancy Pants contest on FB, they are waiting for all winners to get ahold of them. Congrats :)

Margie H said...

Fabulous pictures - how fun!!