Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years 2012

Happy New Years!
Can you believe it?  It is a new year! 2012! It's hard to believe that we are leaving 2011 behind, and grabbing onto an entirely new year. I will not be sad to say good-bye to 2011. In fact... I do so, happily. This New Year, I am all about the Resolution, and keeping said resolution. What are my resolutions?  So glad you asked!

2012 New Years Resolutions

I've been sick this last part of December. Ok.. I've been sick much of the year. That leads me into my biggest resolution...

1.  I resolve to take better care of my health.  I intend to eat better, exercise more, and ensure that I take a keener interest in how I feel. Ok, so yes. I have resolved this before. But THIS time, I resolve to seriously resolve it. Is that possible?

2.  I resolve to lose weight.  Yeah, ok. This is connected to my first resolution... and who doesn't make these two resolutions. However... this year, I really mean it. Am I repeating myself?

3.  I resolve to be stronger.  I need to embrace my inner strength, and my outer strength. I need to accept that part of me, embrace it... and throw it out there.

4.  I resolve to keep an art journal. What is an art journal?  There is a girl who does art journals on youtube, who is fantastic and freespirited.   She goes by the name suziblutube. Check her out. Here's her blog too!

Great saying of the week!

What we do for ourselves
Dies with us...
What we do for others... and the world...
remains... and is...

Albert Pine


Lisa Dorsey said...

Great resolutions! Good luck!

Tracey Taylor said...

Best of luck with your resolutions and have a wonderful 2012!

Debby said...

Good luck on your resolutions. Thanks to the link about the art journal. I found one of her videos and I can see me creating an art journal. Thanks