Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free Vintage Images
After you've finished with my blog, check out the Free Vintage Images button on the right! It'll take you to Tammy Tutterow's blog, and some awesome vintage images that she offers at no cost. I've already got plans for several of them!

This little furry blue chair was my son's FAVOURITE!!! He sat in this chair to watch Barney, to look at his scrapbooks, to watch videos of himself, to eat his night time snacks, and to eat his morning snacks. He sat in this little blue chair the second he got home from Jr. Kindegarten and Sr. Kindegarten. This little blue chair was as much a part of him as his clothes. He felt snuggly and warm and cosy in it. If only they made it adult-sized!
I've never made these flags before, and wasn't sure what I was doing. Not too bad for a first attempt.

I'm playing with another sketch challenge! I'd love to hear about your favourite challenges. 
I need to get back to my scrapping.

Sketchy Thursday Challenge - November 19th
Great prizes! Awesome Sketch! Check it out HERE! 

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