Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh Beau!
Beauregard jumped up on Daddy's favourite chair, and decided to make himself comfy.
But when Beauregard has something... Mischa the Mischievous Mutt MUST have it too.

So what does Mischa do?
She jumps up too! Check out what Beauregard the Problematic Puggle thinks of THAT!
He's definitely thinking "What the heck? Get OUT of here!"

So, being the good Mommy, I said "Beauregard! Be Nice!"
Mischa looks up with her... "What? What's he doing? Is he in trouble?"
And Beau flops his head down like.. "Oh geez"

I said "Beauregard! Be Nice to Mischa!" Mischa, bored with now
having what Beauregard has, and no longer wanting it...
decides to jump down.
Beauregard, however, is letting me know EXACTLY
how he feels about her butting into his Daddy space!!!

What says dogs don't have their own personality?


Melissa Elsner said...

Oh that is too funny! He has the same faces the toddlers have in my class. LOL!

Connie said...

Thats funny~i don't have dogs I have three cats they do have their own personalities!!!