Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's A Saturday Morning World

Do You Want to Help?

I want to start with something a bit sadder than usual.  There is a lady who is a fellow Scrapbooker. Many of you may know her. Her name is 

Katie Renz
PO Box 5913
Bellingham, WA   98227-5913

She passed away from cancer on Monday, November 7th, at 5:10 am, leaving behind 3 
children and a husband that she loved very much, and who clearly loved her equally as 
much.  If you are able, or are interested in helping, please consider sending a card to themto help them get through these special days, that are coming up so close to their loss.. 
She won't be there to make their days special, so maybe we can help her out with that?

Nate and Will are going to turn 6 on November 19th.
Hunter will be turning 12 on December 1st.  
Kevin (her hubby) has a birthday on November 17th.

You can imagine how hard this is going to be on them all. Having lost their mom/wife at such a young age, all getting ready to celebrate their birthdays, and then Christmas.

Thanks ladies!
A Layout on LIFE
I like this layout. I was so proud of my belly! Isn't pregnancy great? 
You can be larger than ever, and not care!!!


Connie said...

great to see old pic's being scrapbooked~love those belly pics!!!!

Melissa Elsner said...

Love that layout! Those layers are amazing. And so sad about Katie. She lives in my town and I never knew or heard of her! I know I don't have to know everyone but the thought that there was a fellow scrapbooker I didn't know. So heart breaking for her family. :(