Friday, November 11, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Remembrance Day

My Mom had me when she was in her 40's, and when she was 16, she snuck into the army. She LOOKED older than she was. It was during WWII.  She was booked to go to Japan in the fall of 1941, but as the only First Class Tradesman where she was, she was held back. Her troop left without her. It was a lucky and blessed break for my Mom. One of those stories that personalize the war.  Since it was so long ago, it's easy to think of it as not quite real or relevant.  I also have a friend's son who is on his 3rd term in Afghanistan.   I have known this boy his entire life. So scary. For all those who have served our Country and the Free world... and for those still serving... My prayers are yours. For those who have someone they love, who has served this country and the free world, my prayers are yours. For those we lost, and those who loved them... my prayers are yours.

I'm SO happy! It's the weekend... almost! Hubby and I get to hang together... relax... chillax... kick back... and just BE! BE together. It's good.

Our Chillaxing Teachers...

We learn by example. Our two pooches... 
Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need
Now Beauregard knows how to relax. And he knows how to ensure he has the proper treats, 
as well as a warm and cosy place to eat that treat!

If we don't learn from Beauregard, and his form of eating and relaxing...
we look to Mischa, the Mischievous Misbegotten Mutt ...
and HER form of *How to chillax 101* 
1. Roll over onto your back, with head as far back as possible
2. Snore lightly with bottom teeth showing in an under bite!!!
3. Spread all 4 leg up & out, so you don't look quite real, and in a 
manner that necessitates the photographer to show only your face!

Yeah. This pretty much describes the household on weekends... except for our 19 year old son, who works all his spare hours not spent at University.  (Yeah.. weekends don't mean the same thing to him)

Before I say so long for now...
I'll post another layout, shall I?

Friday's Layout?
"The Eyes Have It!"

I love this layout, because I love these pictures. His big brown eyes, slanted down on the ends, big, wide grin.. and his teeny tiny button nose make me smile. And they make me happy. I can't get enough close ups of those eyes. 

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Pamela said... cute!!! I need to chillax this weekend too! :) And great layout!