Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Brand New Week!!!

That Means a Brand New Start!

I love new starts.  Fresh starts. I'm going to claim today as one of those, and I'm going to look forward to it with glee.  Why? Cuz it has started out TERRIBLY.  LOL  So.. what else is there to do, but to claim it as a fresh start!

Ok.. so I was wrong. Or, at least... I was a little overly wishful!  A few hours after writing the above, I'd driven my son to the train station, where he boards his train into Toronto for University classes... and I headed back home. I had a bite to eat, and then Poof... the power went out. Gone. No power. No sign of it coming back all morning, either.

So... now where am I?

At the Mall! Using their internet, trying to believe in that elusive fresh start, and finding it running far from me.


I did a Layout! It's from "Once Upon a Sketch"!  You can check them out HERE!  This is their sketch below! It's due November 30th, and it has a journaling criteria. (I love those)... Here is the criteria...

Journalling criteria: This time the journalling criteria focuses on YOU 
as a woman OR ANY female in your life. What is the best thing about 
being a woman? Motherhood? Shopping? Make Up? Girls nights? 
Gossip? Your journalling can be as long as you wish and in any language, 
but you must journal at least 2 sentences on the best part of being a woman.

So, my journaling went like this...

"I dared to dream that one day I would be a Mother. Of all the dreams, this would be my all... my everything... As a woman, is there anything better than the God-given gift of having a baby? A baby!!! MY Baby!!!  I am a Mommy... and dreams DO come true!!!

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