Monday, November 14, 2011

Once Upon a Sketch
Here is my take on the sketch ... 
The flowers are made from 2-toned homemade paper. Products are Prima, brads, K& Company paper, c/s (Bazzill), Iron letters. Sanding, tearing, inking, and Tattered angels mist (copper).
My tag says:
At the grand ole age of 2, this little boy knows
exactly what he wants...
with a noogie in one hand, 
and a bottle in the other,
he's prepared for anything!
He's quite the Bean. That is why I started scrapping,
to take the picture and tell the story behind it...
And to show the world, he is the
Genuine Article! 
(and... I have some hidden journaling underneath the tag.)

Two slightly older layouts. I've been looking at older layouts lately. Older ones than this though.. and I want DESPERATELY to redo them. Do you just leave yours? Or do you redo them? Mine are driving me crazy. Now I have already redone most of the very beginner ones... you know.. the ones I did at my first CM parties. I couldn't leave them like that. Now.. the in-between ones? I'm looking at them, and thinking.. with a touch of this, and a touch of that... with a bit of this product, and a bit of that.. etc... I could maybe bring them up to speed. Your opinion?

New Michaels opened in my home town
It's not a scrapbooking store, but it's something!  But my first experience there, was not exactly positive! They charged me over two times what they should have. They didn't give me my 40% off where I was supposed to have it. I told them, of course, which didn't do any good. Eventually, had to call someone over, and walk them to the scrap stuff and point out the prices.  The one lady answered my questions about scrapbooking products. When I corrected her on the one thing I knew she was completely wrong about, she argued. When I said I knew etc... she then said.. oh well.. I don't know anything about scrapbooking supplies. It's a completely new hobby that's just come out. Huh??? sigh

So ok, I'll stop complaining. But man.. I really miss not having a scrapbooking store in my home town.  REALLY miss it!

Have a  FANTASTIC Monday!!!


Debby said...

Your layouts are cute. I vote for you not to change them! I never do. Well, it looks like your michaels is not a great place to shop. My M is great. The have at least two employs that scrapbook and the ascoiates are wonderfully friendly. It is the best I've ever been in.

Sandie said...

Lucky you, Debby! I'm going to give them another try, of course. But it was disappointing. There were others in the scrap section with me. They left without buying anything. They had a similarly bad experience. Of course.. I have a hard time leaving empty handed. lol

Linda Beeson said...

Cute layouts, great little accents. As for M's! I hear you.

Pamela said...

Your OUAS layout is awesome!! Just beautiful!! :)