Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Layout Time Again...

I would love to have a girl child too. Girls pages can be done in pink, with flowers and frills, and everything pretty and feminine. Alas, I have had to do my own pages in order to use those items. At least it gets me doing pages about myself, I suppose. But still... my poor son... my 19 year old male child, gets pages with pink, with flowers, and with gems. Too bad. I create a lot for myself, and any future wife or child(ren) he may acquire. I'm not doing all of his pages in blues, greens, blacks, and browns. 

What's your thoughts on what you can put on your male pages?  Everyone has such strong opinions on this! 

 A Grad At Last
This is a layout I did of my son's Grade 12 Graduation Mass. I added some side views to show what I did on the page. The paperpiecing of the graduate boy is from a colouring book. I did the journaling and it looked a bit off, so I created a scroll out of the paper I used. I liked it better.

Angelic Dreamer
I like this colour scheme. Again.. not totally boyish, but I like it. It reminds me of the photo I've scrapped, so to me, it suits.  I also love this paper. I worked around the BoBunny line. Lovely. Is there anything sweeter or more angelic than a child asleep? Wow. Perfect. It's the perfect meditation. Really. If I want to meditate, and find that serenity, this is what I think of. Not a beach. Not the ocean. This. The angelic face of my child, while asleep. You can practically see their dreams.

A Card
Still working on cards. I'm new at it. And I still have a tendency and a need to put MANY things on the cards I create. The more, the merrier, to me. Why is that? I think you are either a minimalist.. or not. I am not. I also think you can tell much about a person, by how they scrap. The same as how they decorate their home. What do you think?

Have an AWESOME day! I'll post more. I now have steady access to the internet again. Please stop by again?

Thanks for coming. If you comment,, I'll come and stop by your place too! :)


Pamela said...

These are fabulous!! And I say use whatever you want for boy pages...even flowers! :)

Tracey Taylor said...

Anything does go for boy pages. Great job!

Melissa Elsner said...

I don't scrap boys! LOL so most of my pages are girly. But I love what you did with your pages. That little cap and gown boy is adorable and the dimension is amazing!

Linda Beeson said...

These are great. LOVE that graduation layout, so cute!