Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rainy Day Tuesday

It's November 29th, here in SouthWestern Ontario Canada. There are some around the world, who assume that Canada is snow-covered by the end of September. We are lucky if we get a slightly white Christmas.  and today... mere hours before the start of December ... it's raining.   This ticks my son off severely.  He is off on a Disney cruise next week... and he wants to leave behind nasty cold weather, so that he can feel like he's paid for the heat he'll enjoy.  Aren't we all like that?  It's just not nearly as fun, if it's also warm back home.  Of course... those of you who live in California, Texas, or Arizona.. or other such warm places... I guess you don't know that joy!  There is something absolutely MAGICAL about boarding a plane with a winter coat on, and shorts underneath.  I can't even describe it!

And it continues to rain outside. My little puppies are bored, and unhappy, as they snuggle up on their favourite couch, looking at me with the blame in their eyes.  Mischa, however.. would gladly haul her tiny 8 pound hiney outside into the rain, in a heartbeat. Beauregard, on the other hand... does not appreciate the qualities of rain. He looks disdainfully outside, completely fed up with the wet stuff... and me for allowing it.

Me?  I might have to head into the scraproom. After all.. what else is there to do on a rainy day?


Connie said...

adorable pic's of a mans best friend!!!! sorry it is raining wish you could send it to us!!!

Suzanne B. Webb said...

I know what you are saying, I live in Oregon, so everyone assumes it is always rainy and wet....what they don't know is that is only the west side of the mountains (which is the majority of Oregon's population)....on the East side it is high desert....we have hot summers, and snowy winters, we don't have much of a Spring or Fall....it changes literally overnight for both seasons... :)
(Sorry, didn't mean to write a geography lesson :)

Lisa Dorsey said...

Sweet pictures! They are cute when they are bored! We just got our first snow yesterday. It was such a mess but sure looked gorgeous this morning.