Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little Jaguar (Jag) is such a sweetie. He's like no other cat we've ever owned. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog. He picks things up in his mouth, and carries them around the house. He'll set it down close to himself, and watch it. It's now his. Odd behavior for a cat... but loads of fun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm On the Lookout!!!

Things are getting more and more difficult!!

I need a new computer. Mine has been built up through the years... but it needs a brother or a sister... new and excessively fast and pretty. You know the kind? Keeping the old adage of *waste not - want not* however... I would keep mine... and bring it into my scrap room. THEN.. I'll have myself set up in a perfect way. I'm just looking right now. But it's probably going to be soon. Any hints on what computer to buy, would be greatly appreciated.
I did just go out and get myself an HP 3 in 1. I needed a new scanner... so I got an all \in one, to clear up some space. I hate having a scanner here.. a fax there... a printer over there. Now, I have more room for something else! Any ideas? :-))))

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is Getting Embarassing!

Whew. Ok. So... we are having a real beauty delivered. It's the most gorgeous side by side fridge!! Steel front... lots more room... and so pretty. And best of all....? It's brand spanking new. I know I know. What bank did we rob? Honestly, we needed all of this stuff. It's just funny that we needed it all at the same time.
The most fun you can have, I think... next to scrapbooking, of course... is getting to load up a brand new fridge. I'm a happy Mommy. And you know.. if Mommy ain't happy... ain't nobody happy!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Continuing the Spending Spree

Continuing the Spending Spree...
We decided to go out and get some more necessities for the house. We went and got ourselves.... are you ready for it? We actually got ourselves new tables for the living room. A table for the tv... and a matching end table! AND... a fluffy brown toned shag rug for in front of our new fireplace. ahhhhhhhhhh. It's very nice. Feels like a whole new home! Delightful! I have to take some pictures. Actually... lately, taking pics isn't the problem. It's putting them onto my computer that's the issue. Not sure what's wrong with the thing.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finally! A New Bed!

Finally! A New Bed!
Ok... after 20 years of marriage... my husband and I bought a new bed. It's GORGEOUS! It's a Sealy Silver Euro Pillowtop. Yes... soft on one side.. firm on the other. We'll live on the soft side. We're soft people. Soft-sided, pillow top, kinda people. It arrives next Wednesday. We've already told the staff... see you Thursday afternoon. We spend so much of our time in bed... it should be comfortable. It should be suited to us. It should be a happy place. It should NOT be a place that is uncomfortable. it should NOT be a place that is dippy and bent in the wrong places. It should NOT be an unhappy place.
20 years of waiting.... and a brand, spanking new mattress and box spring. I won't be spending quite as much time in my scraproom in the middle of the night now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Design Team! SCRaPDANGo

There was a team, that was such fun, and Scrapdango was it's name-o...

So.. that's my news today! I've joined a new team... I was invited to try out, by the owner.. and I decided to do that. She hired me... and I'm very excited about it! My duties? I'm the Newsletter Editor on the team... and we all know how much I love that!!! This is an online store and kit team... and the kits are FABULOUS!!! Here is the kit for this month! Try and tell me THIS isn't fantastic!!!

Sugar Kit

Spice Kit

They also do Project kits. Have a look at this acrylic album!!! Fab? YES!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Great Way to End the Year!

A Great Way to End the Year!
I'm addicted to scratch tickets. There... I said it! I love my crossword scratch tickets. So... I went out and bought some... with my previous winnings... as I usuallly do. I scratch 6 tickets... and won on 5 of them!!!! And I was happy! I won $5, $3, and HEY... $50!!!! I brought them in to cash in... she pops them in and sees my $5... my $3..., my other $3's... and then pops in the big winner... I'm excited.... No $50 for me. It was $100!!!!!! What a great way to end the year!!! Ha!
So.. Gary and I went back to the fancy Chinese restaurant tonight. Why? Dana was at his friend's house. (it was our first New Year where we were not spending it together),. :( So.. we thought we may as well make it a nice time for us! I ended up falling asleep when we got home. Tired ole me. Gary went and picked up Dana at 12:30 from his friend's... and he woke me up. I was now wide awake, and went down to my scrap room and scrapped... until 4am. Happy New Year, folks!
The Resolutions
I never seem to stick to my resolutions. But this year... I am sincere. Very determined and sincere. What are they, you ask?
1. Lose Weight (that seems to be everyones)
2. Exercise daily (yeah.. well.. see above)
3. Design and list a specific goal sheet for the company this year.
4. Get on the design team for a Manufacturer.
5. Get organized with my scrapbooking.
6. Participate and place or win a Major Contest
7. Improve my health
8. Move into a better home
9. Invest
10. Write more
And you? Have you set up your own list of Resolutions?