Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Port Orleans.. Page 1 and 2 together

Port Orleans "The French Quarter" at Walt Disney World

Page 1 of Port Orleans with hubby and son.  Our resort room was in the building ahead.  BIG resort!
Life has been SO crazy lately, I can hardly describe it to you!  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!!!!  I've let this place go, in order to get everything and everywhere ELSE in my life, in order!  So sorry.  I'm back now, and intend on creating some order here.  I hate disorder.  Did I mention that?  I sent out some prizes to some people.  I appreciate your thanks folks.  Katey... got your card!  Wow.  You are talented.  So glad you liked the stamps, and can use them so well.  Wowsers.  The good ole US/Canada border can sometimes cause some commotion too.  lol  Sorry to Laurie for the extra cost they added at the border.  And sorry to Amanda that hers were lost or delayed.  If you still didn't get them, I'll send more.  I have others I was putting up, so you'll be taken care of.

Speaking of fun with the US/Canada border... my own package was double dutied too.  LOL  I got a wonderful box of goodies from Scrapbook Fran!  Check her out HERE
What was the wonderful surprise?  A box of eyelets of every colour imaginable.  I LOVE me some eyelets!!!!!  She also tossed in a mini decorative album  (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT) AND... I got the FAB containers they were all in!  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE containers!!!!!!!!  I'm just saying!  And there are so many other fun things in the little compartments other than just eyelets too.  I went thru it all, played with it, and then added to it last night.  It's sad really. Is anyone other than me, an eyelet hound?  An addict to the hole-y treasures???    I went thru most of my  eyelets doing some sessions with some seniors... so this has just really replenished my stock.  

Anyway... I HAVE been scrapping and doing cards, layouts, mini books, whatever.  I  haven't put any  up in awhile.  I'll start adding a pile here.
The Journey!  This is a canvas I have over my office desk at home.  My son in Kindegarten and Gr. 12.