Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays

Sketchy Thursdays, and Can I Keep Your 4?

Hey!  I decided to do up this sketch from Sketchy Thursdays.  Then we had a big rainstorm, and my uploads not working.  Doesn't it always go that way?  Anyway... here's my take on a wonderful sketch!(and just look at this sketch.  Kinda makes you want to check them out eh?)  If so.. head to Sketchy Thursday's blog!

Just to let you know about this page... I took Sandylion Damask paper, and rolled them  into rolled strips that resemble logs.  That's what I've popped the pictures on.  I liked that effect. It shows better in person.  The journaling says:  At this age, you are sweet, loving, kind, adorable, and every good thing I could ever hope for. There will come a day when Mommy & Daddy are no longer so important, when your life and interests move away from home.  But for now... can I keep you 4???!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!... and many more.......

I stayed home from the office today.  I thought about going in, but hubby and I said for me to take the day off... and since we're the bosses... that's what I did.  :)  I love puttering around my house. And since it's my birthday, I don't feel like I have to DO a ton.  I feel like I can breeze the day a way somewhat.  I'm going to scrap, watch tv, and play online.  Do a BIT of housework.  We'll go out to dinner tonight.  Hubby and son always take me out to dinner on my birthday, and give me presents.  LOL  It's good to have a birthday, eh?  LOL  Not much.  It's good to be me today. :)
Not sure if I've shown the following.. but I have some newer things I've worked on, that I like.

Anyway... here some recent things that I've done. This is called Disney & MGM Studios.  These were taken on our first trip to Walt Disney World.  My son was 6, and so completely in love with Mickey... and ALL the characters.  What a gloriously magical time.  This layout is very 3-D in actual appearance.  Too much so, to get a proper scan, so I took photos of it. 

This is an altered canvas.  This Graphic 45 paper was so pretty.  I just saw it as a canvas on the wall.  No pictures, just pretty enough to stand on it's own. For it's own sake.  I get a fair bit of comment on it too.  I took the canvas, painted it, and used various shiny metallic colours, along with distressing.. and attached the paper to it.  I distressedm, inked, and painted the edges of the paper before attaching it.  I added colour here an there... just hints of it.  I also attached bling in some spots.  Then I added several flowers of varying sizes.  I loved that.  I twisted some twine, and wrapped green rafia around it, to make long flexible stems, and attached some leaves too.  It hangs in my family room, beside the secondary fire place.

Have a Great Day Ladies (and gents)!
When's your birthday?  How do you celebrate it?  Do you get gifts?  What do you want for your next birthday?