Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Gifts!

The Gifts!
How could I forget to share the gifts we got!!!!
It was a good Christmas for the Roberts family! My son got almost everything on his list. You know.. Docking station for his Ipod, headphones for his Ipod, headphones for his computer, mic for his computer, (he and his friends spend all of their time chatting together on the computer... when they're not together in real life!), money (he likes clothes from Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, of course), yahoo music allowance, twister cell phone with fun package, wireless keyboard and mouse, g/c to ciniplex, mobile drive, router, latest HP movie, etc etc etc. Only child syndrome, I think!!!! Hubby? I bought him a fireplace for his office! He really wanted one.. so hey.. I got him one! Plus clothes. AND.. I got him a Pedometer! I want one too! Me? Loved that Santa bought me scrap stuff for my stocking! I got adhesives! Lots of adhesives!!! I got money for scrap stuff now, and flatwear (really wanted it), kitchenware, makeup, perfume, nail stuff, footbath, sewing machine... etc. Spoiled family! Ah.. and hubby and I bought each other a fireplace for the house! Yeah!!!
A fun and successful Christmas, I'd say!

I'm On a NEW Design Team!!! Scrappin Parlour!

Whew! I feel like I'm moving in the Fast Lane lately! I was invited to be the Design Team Coordinator for an offline/online store... The Scrappin Parlour! I'm honoured to have been invited to hold this position, and we have a LOT of fun things going on in the future! So.. if you are looking for a good time! Keep an eye out for this fab site... and all the fun we'll be having!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!
I love Christmas! My family loves Christmas. And is there a more fun, tiring, unending, stressful, time of the year? Nope. But... still... we look forward to it each and every year, without fail.
Family Traditions
I grew up with these same traditions, and raised my son on them. He's loved them, and so did I. It stretches Christmas day out, and makes it much more fun and long-lasting.
Christmas Eve
We head out to Mass, and then to our local Chinese restaurant, to enjoy Christmas Eve buffet. We love that. We then come home, and open one present each... new Christmas jammies. We head upstairs, put on our new jammies, and our son snacks and goes to bed, while his Dad and I stay up and wrap all the presents. In our house... Santa wraps every single item in the stocking and out... and so... so do we. We usually get to bed around 3am or later, once everything is done and put under the tree.
Christmas Day
We get up early (don't you all?)... and all go to our stockings. We get to open our stockings right away. Fun, Fun, Fun. Then.. we go upstairs, get dressed... and head to Mass again. After Mass, we come back home... make breakfast and coffee... and after eating... we head back to the tree with our drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, juice). Mommy hands out the gifts... one at a time, so that we can watch each other open them. By the time we're done opening our gifts... it's 11:30 or 12:00 pm!!!!! How fun is that? Most of my son's friends are finished by 7:30am...and we go on so much longer!!! I love that!