Monday, November 24, 2008


Ooops. Just How Old AM I?

I appear to have gotten my age wrong. LOL ach. At least... I am now younger than I thought I was. I was sure I was one age... (remember... I"m not telling anymore)... and here I found out... Nope. The news isn't as dastardly as I had originally thought. Whew. I can breath a younger sigh of relief. Not much younger, mind you... but younger.

In keeping with the whole theme of Age... Here's a page I just did called "Youth and Yesterday".
The journaling goes around the edges, and it says:

I had so many dreams at this age. I thought that one day I would marry a good man, have a family, write, be a woman of faith, be the best Mom I could be. So many dreams all those years ago. What mattered then, still matters to me today.

Happy Birthday to Me

November 2nd. -- All Souls Day!

Today... I turned...

One year older. It's funny how as young people, we want desperately to appear older than we are. When we get older... we try desperately to appear younger than we are. Today... my mirror should come with a warning! "Things in the mirror appear older than they are".

I got some nice presents for my birthday. My son bought me a gift certificate to my favourite clothing store. He bought it with his own money. So.. I bought myself some nice things. :)

Hubby? He bought me beautiful flowers first thing in the morning, and made reservations at our favourite booth at a new restaurant. It was a lovely day. But birthdays just don't mean much to me anymore. It just means older. The birthday I love to celebrate? Christmas and my son's birthday. Christmas for obvious reasons. My son's birthday? Well, because that's a date I remember being there for. That's a day I remember vividly. I remember him coming into the world. I remember looking at him. Wondering at him. I remember the love... the awe... the absolute heart-wrenching and painful love that consumed me the first glance of him. I remember that day, oh yes. Now THAT'S a birthday I like celebrating.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big Snip

The Big Snip

I did a new layout of Beauregard. I called it "The Big Snip". Three guesses as to what it's about??? Now that he's fixed, we've started taking puppy classes. And he's doing surprisingly good!!! Go figure. I would never have expected it. He's much smarter than he appeared to be. Which... sadly means that we are much dumber. The tail has definitely been wagging the dog in my home. It is what it is... and hopefully we'll get a bit smarter, along with the dog.
At first, we decided that Gary would lead him in the classes and I'd just watch. Once we got there, however... Gary benched himself, and sent in the farm team. So.. it's me and Beau... with Gary watching from the comefy chair on the side, with an X-lrg Tim's coffee. What a guy. Beau and I are coming to terms with the class, expectations, and which of us is the dog.. and which is the tail, exactly. We're still arguing about it.

Here's the layout. "The Big Snip"... The poor little guy had that nasty cone on. I felt bad. :( So.. I grabbed an old soft t-shirt of mine... cut out some head room, and shortened it, etc... and put it on him. Hey, at least it meant he could have a bit of a break from the conehead. This dog has wormed his way into our hearts in such a major way. His funny monkey face, makes us smile. He's got such a major attitude that he also makes us crazed. What a dog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bucket List

A Bucket List
This is something I haven't done before. A bucket list. I watched the movie (you know... the one with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?) I found it depressing in the extreme. I'm not big on sickness movies. Probably because of my history with sickness. However... it is what it is.... and here's the layout.

What was on my Bucket List? Nothing grand. Ok.. slightly grand.. but not out of reach.

1. Go on a long Disney Cruise

2. Go on a long family cruise to the Mediterranean

3. Write and publish my book

4. Be healthy and achieve my goal weight

5. Buy a motorhome and travel with my family

6. Swim with the dolphins

The problem with my bucket list, is it changes so much. There are some consistencies... but it does change. I'm about to do up a Vision Board. If you've ever heard about *The Secret*... then you've probably heard about the Vision Board. I think I'll respond better to that. I can hardly wait to get started. In case you don't know what a Vision Board is... you prepare a board of images... and when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires. It's a hyper version of writing down your goals and dreams. You are increasing the PICTURE of those goals and dreams.

When I get it done... I'll post it here, with instructions.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some New Stuff

Some New Stuff
I tend to scrap every day... but lately... what I scrap feels just *more of the same*. I need to join a group or a challenge, or a contest. Something to motivate me outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I just feel as if it's the same layout, different pictures. All that is going to change though. I NEED it to change. So get set. I'm on the lookout. On the prowl... as it were. I'm a heat-seeking missile... looking for a place to be inspired. Looking for an event to inspire me. :D

Here are a few things I've done lately. A Future Superstar is my son. He's 16 and wants to be a television journalist. He's crazy good. He's already worked on air as a journalist for a local cable company. People who know... tell us he's amazing. So I think he's going to go far! A natural, is Dana when he was 14. Dana's Easel... he is sitting at his favourite spot... in front of his easel. He sat there all the time, from the age of 2 to 12... so it is a picture that warms my heart.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me....

Happy Birthday song... sing along if you know it...

(I accidently drafted my posts... so they haven't been posted. I'm such a turkey)

Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday dear Sandie....
Happy Birthday to me.

..... and many more.........................................

November 2nd... All Souls Day. Can you believe it? I'm getting kinda old too. I'm now at the age where I don't want to tell you how old I am. I've actually become *one of those women*.

It was a good day. I got up, and hubby brought me a card and flowers (a dozen pink tipped/white roses) when I went downstairs. Then... hubby, son, and I headed out to a beautiful restaurant for breakfast. It's a new European restaurant that we discovered. He reserved my favourite table and everything. Afterwards, we had some presents. My son went and gave me a fab gift card to my favourite clothing store. It was bought with his own money. I went shopping right away, of course... and bought myself a sweater... with a long shirt underneath it. for once... I decided to dress a little more youthful. Since he bought it for me... I figured he'd prefer that. Both hubby and son loved it. Unfortunately my son had to work. :( Hubby and I had a lovely day... and I got to play, shop, enjoy...

All in all... a good birthday.

OH... did I mention what my hubby bought me? My TREADMILL!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I've wanted it forever... and I FINALLY got it! I spent part of the day cleaning and preparing one of the downstairs offices, so that it could be set up in there. THEN we set it up!!!

Happy Birthday to me... :)