Monday, March 23, 2009

My Trip to Panama

Whew. Ok... so... boarded the plane on March 9th, for Panama. Actually.... Farallon, Panama. Farallon is a further 2 hour drive on a rickety coach, from Panama City. So... 5 1/2 hours on a plane, followed by a wait in the airport... boarding a bus with a glass of beer (the country beer, called Balboa)... bumping.. I mean.. driving through 2 hours of Panamanian streets... and voila... another lineup at the resort... 76 stairs down to our beachfront room... and HEY. We were there!
We immediately cooled off for all of 10 minutes in our air-conditioned room with the spectacular view... and headed for the pool. Of course... we stopped at the bar BESIDE the pool, first! Here we are at the bar, then pool...

We remained at that pool, for the most part... until we left the following Monday, March 16th. Sigh. The weather? A balmy 35, and feels like 50 in the sun... for all 8 days. It was spectacular. If you ever want a resort that pampers and pleases... Go to the Farallon resort... The DeCameron Resort, Panama. It rates a big fat wow.

Was the pool nice? YES. But the beach/ocean wasn't half bad either!!! Here's my son, amusing himself with a book and a bit of sun and ocean. After that... you'll see my hubby and son walking to one of the restaurants, and then having lunch at that restaurant. Hubby and son, heading into our dinner restaurant. (yes, there are a couple pics of me... but I'm the picture taker... and most of the ones I'm in.. didn't turn out. Too blurry, etc. ) My son on our balcony, chatting with one of his teachers on skype. Then there's the picture of our room (see the arrow?) taken from the pool, which is right in front of the beach. Nice locale eh?

An Extra Story? This resort was the training ground for Noriega's army. He had a home just up the beach. The picture of this island that you see below... has a brutal history. My husand and son took the scooter out (water scooter thingie)... and saw this island up close. It's cave was used by Noriega. When he didn't like someone, (prisoner or whatever)... he'd take them out during low tide. Put them into the cave, tied and bound... and leave them for high tide, where they'd die, unable to save themselves. Whew. You can see the cross that is there now. My other pictures are in the other computer. I'll upload more... with some actual shots of me. LOL Funny hubby, and his poor picture taking.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Don't Like Mondays

I just don't.

Ok.. sometimes I do. They are either fab... full of fun and promise. Or they are slow-moving, horribly dull, and do nothing but showcase to me how very long my week is going to be. I am not sure which way this week is going to go...but so far... it's been the latter.
It's -15 Celcius today. Which is 5 F. Cold. Cold cold cold cold cold.

Which brings me to where I'll be one week today! PANAMA. It feels like 40 there today. Which is 104 F for my US friends. Hot! I'm looking forward to it. I love hot. Not always.... but right now, in this frigid temp... hot is looking quite nice, thank you very much.

I did up some inspiration again. Here is my paltry attempt at a sketch. Bare with me. Cuz I'll get better... I promise.

I also did up a couple of layouts this weekend. The first, is a layout of our wedding day. Filled with pictures of me, and us. I used the song "I don't wanna close my eyes" by Aerosmith. That's also where the title came from ... "I Could Stay Lost in This Moment Forever". Here is that layout.

This layout is one I did up of my 16 year old son. The pictures are of us in Cayo Coco. He's so busy with volunteer work, school, work, and his *things*... we don't get to see him nearly as much as we need... or would like. This layout is called "Spending Time With You". The journaling says: Going on Vacation is fun. It's about warm weather, the ocean, and resting. But more than all else ~ it is about spending time with you. Claiming time with you, that makes us happy.
Have a GREAT day!