Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time

I love the soft romance of a poorly lit room, a slow flash, and a light filled Christmas tree. It just feels warm and cozy to me. Add a puggle on a soft fleece blanket in front of a fireplace... and I'm a happy girl.

Merry Christmas, Folks!

Can you believe it? Christmas 2009, has come and gone. And we are well on our way towards the coming year! I am constantly amazed by how fast time goes, the older I get. The older my son gets, the more rapid yet. Time has flown by so quickly that my son now finds it flying by.

Christmas here was a quiet affair. Family lives a fair distance away. It can be a bit lonely at times, especially as my son is an only child. He does have a girlfriend, and she has a very social family. Which is nice for him.

Gary and I were going easy this year with each other, and he listened as well as he usually does. which means... not much at all. I got him what I always do... clothes. He owns a company and appearance means a lot. He looks so sharp in his new clothes. Dana got him clothes too, from a cool, hip *current* shop. Gary loves that shirt. It came in too small, however... cuz kids today wear their clothes a bit snugger than a 50 year old is comfortable with. (and should be comfortable with). We, as usual, went a bit bonkers on our only. We got him a Wii, a Blue Ray, a Home Theatre system for his bedroom tv/ and blue ray. We got him some clothes, some personal items, perfume (cologne), lamp, games, movies, etc. You know... what 17 year olds like. Me? I got the one thing I've wanted forever, it seems. I got a Magic Bullet. SO much fun to use. I got Season One of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine from my wonderful son (Yes, I AM a geek)... and I got flannel jammies. LOVE them! I got perfume, coffee maker, (Wanted that), and some fun scrap items (ALWAYS want them!!!)... and odds and sods, etc. We have nice Christmas traditions that we have held true year after year, no matter what. Christmas Eve means Mass, and family dinner out at our local Chinese restaurant with a huge buffet. Then we come home, open one present each... which is always PJ's... and wrap presents all night, while watching movies. (I ended up wrapping until 5am. Yes... 5:00 a.m.) Ouch. Christmas morning, we get up and open our stockings in our pj's. Then we get dressed, and head to Mass. After Mass, we come home, and I make breakfast, and we sit and give thanks together. After breakfast, we take our drinks (coffee and Orange Juice) into the living room, and begin opening our presents... one at a time. We each watch the others open our presents. We don't even begin opening our gifts until around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. And we don't finish until lunch time). Christmas morning lasts a long time for us. We've done it this way since I was a child, and certainly for my son's entire life, and he's 17!! He loves it too. It makes things last. His friends are finished by 7:30 am, and his is a day long event. lol

Anyway... Christmas and her beautiful lights, music, meaning, and love... is once again over for another year. I trust that each of you was surrounded by love, togetherness (as much as you needed)... and good wishes. I pray that you each enjoyed the *Merry* with your Christmas.

Merry Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

WOW! It's Almost Here!
And I am NOT done yet. This is the least organized I've ever been in my life. With my son's advancing age... (17)... I find some things are harder to maintain too. He came to me and asked if we could have dinner on Christmas Day because his girlfriend wants him to attend a family function with her on Boxing Day. I, of course, smiled and said... no problem. I don't want the season to be stressful on him. So we work around it. She invited him for Christmas Eve too, but we have a family dinner after Mass, on Christmas Eve... so he turned that down. Yay. Our Christmas Eve has been the same way his entire life, and he enjoys those Traditions too. They are a part of who he is. Do you have Traditions? I'd love to hear them! If you have Christmas traditions, come and check out the latest challenge at Scrap Tiffany. It's all about Christmas traditions. Here is one of mine... The journaling says: On Christmas Eve, we all open one present each ~ a new pair of pj's. Then we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas." After that, Dana writes his letter to Santa, and places it on his table. Then we get our special cup and saucer and fill it with milk and cookies for Santa.
We have several traditions, and I need to do the others. I think I'll do a mini book on it. I'll post it when I do! So come on... any traditions that you would like to share?

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Another Christmas Thought

My son is the elected Trustee in his school. Because of that position, he does a lot of things in the community. Right now, his school has adopted 6 families in the community that can't do their own Christmas. Most of these families have teenage kids... mostly boys. With the economy as it is, they were not getting as much in, as the kids were hoping for, and my son and the rest of his senate, were getting more and more concerned. In an age that everyone is talking about kids who are not helping... kids who don't care about anyone but themselves... these kids ended up donating much of their own money. My son gave more than a hundred dollars of his own money to this cause. He was frantic that they wouldn't get things for Christmas... that they would feel forgotten and left out. These kids pushed and pushed, and ended up donating their own money, and the money that the senate made for them to do fun things (like dances, hops, etc)... just to ensure these families a good Christmas. Then they went to the malls and stores, and purchased hundreds of dollars of gifts and gift cards, and food and food cards. They are wrapping it all tomorrow, satisfied that these kids will be ok. There are a lot of great teens out there, and they need acknowledgement too. We can rest in the fact that our world is indeed coming into good, strong, loving and caring hands. The hands that we taught. The hands that we prayed for on a daily basis. The hands that we held until they grew old enough that they made us let them go. It's a good Christmas season.

New Layout
Here's a layout I did for a ScrapTiffany challenge. I loved the age of 4. It was magnificent, sweet, and perfect. I don't think there was ever a better age. That was as close to Heaven on Earth as was possible to get.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st, 2009

It's Official! It's the Christmas Season!
December 1st is an awesome time. It's a time filled with colours and magic and Christianity, and love and family, and faith... and yes... I gotta say it...

Now that my son is older (17), Christmas is different. It has to be. Gone are the days of running feet, to see what's under the tree from Santa. Excitement, and inability to sleep, and sitting on Daddy's knee the night before Christmas, to hear "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Yes, the rest of the time is the same. There is still excitement. But it's tempered by other things. It's overshadowed with age and expectations and ... dare I say it? ... cynicism. I miss the old days. I knew I would. I knew this day would come, and I tried to enjoy every last little minute of the times before this one. But still... no matter how much you enjoy... no matter how much you hold on... no matter how much you wish to keep that sense of innocence... it goes. And so it is gone. And we move on. Christmas still holds it's magic, and it's love, and it's family and faith, and it still holds Santa. Just in a different way.
So Ho Ho Ho. Christmas season is upon us . Let's enjoy!

Design Team
Here is an exciting announcement, that I am proud of! I was asked to be on a Design Team for ScrapTiffany! I'm excited and honoured, and I'm looking forward to a great deal of fun and inspiration. Please drop by and have a look! You won't be sorry. Awesome stuff! Come and check out the Scrap Tiffany Site . You won't be disappointed.

A New layout!

Here's a little layout I put together! Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd, 2009

New Moon
What Did I Think? Spoiler alert!!!!

Hmmm. I liked it. I didn't like it as much as Twilight. Though I DID like the book as much. Maybe the problem was too little of Edward. I expected it.. but still... Maybe the problem was what they cut out. For example... they didn't have the part where they show up at the airport and the family is there, and they are so relieved, but Rosalie was ostrasized. Then also when Alice got the call ... her reaction... regarding Edward going to kill himself. That was handled much too quickly. I know that much of the book is going to be missing... but sometimes I feel as if the people doing the deciding, aren't necessarily *Twilight* people, if you know what I mean. What an *outsider* sees as integral, and what a Twilight reader sees as important, are probably going to be worlds apart.


I spent time scrapping this weekend. Nothing to upload yet... but I will tomorrow. I have been making Christmas cards too. I should be quicker at making cards, but I still spend an inordinant amount of time making them. Go figure.


Today, I am working, and planning out my week's scrapping agenda. AND... I'm about to head on over to Bad Girls to find out this next challenge. We are on Challenge #4. Yay!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

Tonight.. .it is happening. 10:00 p.m. Advanced showing. Yes, it is true.
Sad... but true.

I am actually headed for the city next door. (they were the only tickets available)... and I am going to watch the advanced screening of NEW MOON!!!! sigh My son wanted to bring his girlfriend, as part of her birthday present. We had to bring them... so hey... why go all that way and go to a coffee shop? Nope. I took complete advantage, and hubby is taking me too. Son said SURE! Let's double date. You guys absolutely MUST ... under any circumstances... sit far away from us. Is there another theatre showing the film?
Um. Yeah. I didn't take offence. Not really. Ok. Maybe a tad. But he is 17. I still think of him, yes, as 7. But he's 17. He's my baby. My little Boo. My Bean. My baby Bean. Normally, I go with my little boy, and have my arm around him for any scary parts. Oh yeah. That was, once again.. 7 year old Dana... Not 17 year old Dana. I get them confused sometimes. Much to his chagrine. I really need to focus. He's almost an adult. Almost. Don't even go there. He is still a child. Plus... he looks like a child. He's mature. He's responsible. But heck.. he's been that way since he WAS 7. So that doesn't help. He's still a child. That's my story, and I am NOT ready to let that go yet.
But I will be there beside him in spirit. I'll have my arm around my 7 year old son tonight, while I enjoy the pure pleasure that is this Twilight series. And I'll also be happily beside my hubby, who has just gotten home from being away for a week... so this is all good. Those of you, who heroically sacrifice your husbands for so much longer, during this war... I pray for you constantly. I can barely comprehend the sacrifices you make. And should you ever need a friend... someone to vent to... I am always available. Sometimes the comfort of a stranger and all...

Have a great day!! Here's a couple pics of hubby in Hawaii. (That's where he was for a week.) For those of you who may not have read this, I did tell him to go with our friends there. My bad leg would not make the journey, unfortunately... but I didn't want him to lose out. He deserves a break. He works hard... and there is, after all... Skype. :) But it was a long week for this baby.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project 52 Challenge #3

<<<<---------------- Check it out!!!!!
Top News of the Day?
My husband is home from Hawaii. Ugh. I hate it when we're apart. Does that make me a baby? I just missed him so much.

Project 52!
I've had such a blast over at Bad Girls, playing their Project 52 challenges. I have to tell you... if you enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone, and just letting your inner artist go... and if you also enjoy watching others create their own magic... wow.. pop over and see what is happening over there. Check out the blog, to see what the Design Team does with the projects. WOW!!!

This project was difficult for me, to say the least. I'm extremely claustrophobic, and it is a paper mache mold of my face. LOL Yikes. I used glue and newspaper, obviously.. and strips of gauze. I used gesso and mod podge and tons of paint. The violet paint is Kaiser, and I wanted it to glow more, so I used Inksentials glossy as well as glass gloss for a shimmer. The gauze drapes at the bottom. I used glimmer sprays in pink, bubblegum and turquoise, with a bit of copper. I used bling and gold sticker. (Covered one eye) There is an old earring in one eye. (red) The other is a flower and snowflake. The face is two sided to represent the two sides of my character. artist... freespirited and funny. The other is my more serious side. The one that deals with some tough life issues. No decor there. But there is always the colour that is me. The two pins on the bottom are antiques. One is a cat.. the other a goofy woman hat pin. I think she might be a stewardess... or a 50's woman in a pill box hat. They represent me as well. I've always felt I belonged in the 50's, and the cat is the first pet I ever had. As a child and as an adult. I chose white leaves for a reason. Two fold, actually. The colour white represents my Mom, who is deceased. She's a big part of who I am. They also represent the cold of northern Ontario where I grew up. (snow) And the pin on the top of the sign is my son as a baby. The sign says Self Portrait of Sandie / Bean's Mom. My one word to describe myself was Mother. And that's the title of my piece. I really enjoyed working on this. Finally, I placed the mask onto a board, painted it black, and added splashes of colour to represent my world. I also had to have a bit of a frame, because I feel like I am kind of a contained character. And there you have it! btw.. the nose got slightly mishapen because as I was working on it, I pressed too hard, and then tried to fix it. But to me.. that too was very representative of me... the very unperfect nature of it. lol thanks for looking.

Fun, exciting news! I've had 5 layouts picked up for publication in Scrapbook News and Review. How cool is that??? I'm excited.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

Hump Day.

There's something about Wednesday that makes it such a nice day. It feels as if you are on your way out of a bad situation maybe. LOL You know? The weekend comes closer, and we are almost ready for our rest. My husband is heading to Hawaii on Saturday, so we're going to be staying behind. I can't make the plane ride, and I didn't want him to miss out on it. So he's off to see his friends for a week, and we'll take care of business and home. My 17 year old son can't take the time off of school anyway, right now. He's in Grade 12, and it's just not a good time to take 7 or 8 days off. So... it is what it is. I'm moving my Scrap supplies (well SOME of them anyway), up into the living room for the week. It'll be easier, because Beauregard needs attention. Beauregard needs a LOT of attention.

Here's a layout I finished last night. It's just a simple one. I'm still working on my altered book/cover for Project 52. I hope to finish it tonight. It's so different from anything I've ever done before. It's left me a bit perplexed. But ultimately happy, I think. I love to learn new things, and to jump into an artsy place and just let loose.Fun! Here's my layout. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3rd, 2009

The day AFTER my Birthday.
Hmmm. It's always interesting, to pass another birthday, and the sameness of every-day-living takes over the specialness of *this-is-your-day* day. Not much to say on my day, because it was B-U-S-Y. Work was overdone... then Dana had to go to a Trustee meeting in the evening. In between, I had to get his Trustee Agendas and minutes and presentation all copied. (some 30 copies were required). THEN we went for dinner. The restaurant that we always go to was closed. We went and tried the door and boom. Locked. Very disappointing. So.. we went to a much less appealing one, that was much noisier, just down the street. O well. Such is life.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch in the evening, and then finally going to bed. Like I said... not much to discuss.

I thought I'd offer some fun questions to blog. If you are reading this... BANG! You're it. Post these questions on YOUR blog, and let's see you answer them!

1. What's 3 of your favorite Web sites?
2peas, BadGirls, Willow Traders

2. What is your favourite scrapbooking tool?
Sewing Machine

3. What is your favourite scrapbooking colour?
4. What's your favorite bird?

blue jay and owl

5. What's your least favorite word or expression, that's not a swear.
Hip slang words

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, today... where would it be?
A Disney Cruise on the Mediterranean.

7. Where do you go for advice?
My husband and my friends

8. What's the sickest you've ever been?
I became very ill with blood clots from a drug called Vioxx, in 2002.

9. If you could live at any time... when would it be? ie 1940's; 1920's; 1400's? 2810?
I would like to live in the 1940's.

10.What was the most memorable scrapbooking class you've ever taken?
I took a fun class on techniques.

11. If you could go to Disney World with any celebrity alive today, who would it be?
Rob Pattinson from Twilight. What can I say?

12. Do you prefer baths or showers?
Showers in the morning. Baths at night.

13. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I would like to be invisible

14. What are 3 of your favourite challenge sites?
stuck sketches, Project 52; Page Maps

Ok now.....
YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2nd, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!
November 2nd, 2009! All Souls Day! It's my Birthday. I guess it's a day of reflection, yes? It truly is. I'm a lady in her 40's. I always swore I would wear my age like a banner of truth. But today... a lady in her 40's is feeling like she wants to be a lady in her 30's. LOL My son has an important Catholic Board of Trustees meeting tonight, so I think we'll forgo dinner, since it'll just be a rushed affair. However... It is what it is. He must attend. And at my age, I don't really need to be that diligent about birthdays.

Halloween Pictures!
I had to dress my little Beauregard up. He wore 2 costumes. One was a devil (suited him)... and One was a witch. LOL I didn't get pictures of the suits, but I did get the hats. He looked so cute! And here's a picture of my lovely son Dana, and his girlfriend. They are sitting at his newsdesk at school... and they are (for those of you that don't know) Super Mario... and Princess Peach. (Her last name is Peitch... pronounced Peach... so it's fitting) Cute eh? LOL

A New Sketch

I did up a new sketch for you, if you're interested. if you use it... I'd love to see it! Send me a link, so I can leave you some love! And I'll even link to it here on my blog!

Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

If you haven't weighed in about my post from yesterday, asking what style you think I am, as a scrapbooker, I'd love it if you did !
Halloween, costumes, fun, oh my!!! It's fun to watch the little ones all dressed up for Halloween. It's also fun to watch my not-so-little-one all dressed up this morning. He wasn't wearing his tummy padding, or his mustache. It was drizzling, and he was preserving his costume. But still... he looked so darn cute! Here he is, leaving the house this morning. He isn't wearing his belly, and he isn't wearing his mustache. He had to do the morning news on tv, and was waiting until just before going on air to put the rest on. He's not a little boy anymore... but he's my little boy. And even all half asleep here, at 7:15am, I think he looks adorable.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

My son has several places to go for Halloween. He's 17 now... so they are different places.. but still... they are dress up, fun times places. He's running a costume contest at his school... (He's involved in Student Council as School Trustee), and he's got a couple gatherings with his friends. So he went out and bought himself a costume. This is the first year that I haven't put it together for him, in almost his whole life. I am now deprived of the driving around, arguing, looking for something to put together. Going to Value Village, and finding little pieces of the puzzle, and seeing something in my mind, coming out to fruition. Nope. None of that. He calls it a good thing. He doesn't understand. That's what makes us Mom's feel important and involved. Mom-like!

Another new chapter. Another good-bye. But this is a positive blog. A new positive Sandie. So... it's NOT a good-bye. It's a hello! Hello to freedom! Hello to more Me-time. Hello to an independant child! A child who takes care of these things himself! What did my little independant boy come up with? Super Mario! Tights, belly, mustache, hat. His girlfriend wants to go as Miss Peach. His friend? As Luigi. Who says just little ones can enjoy Halloween?

The *Art* of Scrapbooking?

Do you consider yourself a scrapbooker? Or do you consider yourself an artist? Does the distinction matter? IS there a distinction? When does a scrapbooker become an artist?

The reason I ask, is that I am playing with the Project 52 challenges. Right now, we're on Challenge 2... and it's a lot of Mixed Media. I've never played a lot with mixed media... but it feels very *artsy*. When I scrapbook, I don't always feel artsy. But when I work with the mixed media... I feel a bit more *artistic*. You?

My Style?

Help? Speaking of artistic, and scrapbooking... we are often asked to identify what style of scrapbooker we are. I struggle with that. Would you mind having a look at a few of my pages, and give me your opinion on what style of scrapper you think I am?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

It's Tuesday.

Already the week is on its way. I love that. We sail quickly toward the weekend.

It's been a long day today. We were up and out early. In fact... it was still dark when we arrived at the office. Dana had to go to an Applause Breakfast for the Board. As Trustee, he needs to attend all Board functions like this. My little baby looks so grown up in his suit, with the school crest on his tie and jacket, and the Board pin firmly in place on his lapel. My baby. We drop him off at these functions, and his principal brings him to school afterwards. He heads in confidently, and we marvel. We would be nervous during some of these functions, but he doesn't appear to get nervous at all. This layout is in keeping with the times. With Halloween mere days away, I made this layout of October '97. My baby, when he was actually a baby to everyone else. He was Batman. The strange ghoul beside him? That would be his faithful Mommy... aka... Me! What can I say? My son likes his Mommy and Daddy to play too.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Oh What A Day!

So... This is the way that it is. Positive.... Remember?
The weekend flew by. We took Dana and his girlfriend to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday, where they played until midnight. Actually 11:30 pm. They would have left earlier, but we didn't return until then. We dropped them off around noon, and came back for them twelve hours later. We stopped on the way home, at a Scrapbooking store in Mississauga. Fun! I'd never been there before, and it's always fun to find a new place.

A New Sketch. I used a digi kit and made a quick sketch for you today. Enjoy. If you use it... I'd love to see a link so I can go and give you some love.


I have a birthday coming up. November 2nd. Can I start my complaining now? It's a process that I go through. I think it started after my 35th birthday. And I'm definitely older than 35.


Project 52!

I've decided to participate in Project 52. I did an altered canvas called My Wedding Day Hero. Check out the place, and see if you want to play along! Bad Girls Community or Project 52 Blog

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

I found a New Hang my Hat!

And it's fun! SO much inspiration. I'm a happy gal. This place is called A Million Memories
so check it out, if you are looking for fun girls, with scads of talent. (And nope... I'm not on the team, and have yet to get to know them super well... so I have nothing to gain by recommending them).

We had a crop over there... and I did a couple of layouts and stuff. I will share them with you when I've finished. I prefer the scanner at the office. The one on my home desk, just doesn't cut it as well. I love challenges. What's not to love? Someone else thinks up the premise.. and you play. I did up some boring stuff... but some of those girls used the same instructions as I did... and came up with some crazy talented crapola. Crapola probably isn't the best choice of words when you're talking about something good, eh? hmmmm

It's Sunday... and it's back to work tomorrow. How come weekends go at the speed of light.. but the week lasts a lifetime?

I'll post more later.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Someone.

You Don't Know Them.

A Friend.

For those of you with teenage sons... you may be well aquainted with the comments above. And for those of you who will have teenage sons in the future? You may as well become aquainted with the comments above.

Mom/Dad: "So... who are you having dinner with?"

Teenage son... "Just a friend."

Mom/Dad: "Does this friend have a name?"

Teenage son... "Yes"

Mom/Dad: "Good. If their parents were to need to talk to them, what would they call them?"

"Mom! / Dad! Stop it"
And so the same ole same ole took place this weekend, while I got up... ON THE WEEKEND WHEN SLEEPING IN IS ALLOWED... AND NAY... ENCOURAGED, I might add... to drive said child to work. (he works part time while in high school)... and I think I almost pulled over to smack said lovely child.

Ok.. so he's delightful... gets good grades... works hard... elected Student Trustee for Catholic School Board... has all good friends... and stays out of trouble. All true. But throw me a bone for pity sake. His *girl* friends will climb in the van, and I'll get more information from their rapid speak to me, in the space of 3 1/2 minutes, than I'll have gotten from him in the past month! That's why his dad and I happily give rides whenever they are requested. Please. There's a method to our madness.

The first is called Fresh Faced, and the second one is called We 3. Both.. of course... are about my Bean, Dana, who is the cutest son a Mom could ask for. tfl I've really started to enjoy the bright patterned paper lately. Not sure what has changed. But I used to dislike it, and prefer the autumn and muted colours. Now... not so much.

HEY! Happy Belated Thanksgiving, to my fellow Canadians. May you always find something to be eternally thankful for!
What am I thankful for? I am thankful for my husband and son, of course! I am thankful for the faith that I enjoy. I am thankful for life, and for my memories. I am thankful that I have my scrapbooking as an outlet for play and comfort. And I am thankful for my pets... Disney, Jaguar, and Beauregard.

And I'm thankful for you guys! I'm sending you big hugs.
Here are a Few *Thanks* cards!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Monday

An Experiment in Life


A Pact of Positivity

So Good To Me?
Ok.. so Monday isn't necessarily good to me. It's a day where everyone gets re-stressed for the week, and it means back to school for my son... and back to work for hubby and me. It means the stresses of life pile back on, and you must head on out into the ugliness, an leave the sanctity of your own home. The safe bosom of your family. Etc.

Um.. yeah. Ok.. well the PURPOSE of this is to be positive.. and I lost that somewhere in the middle of this post. But yeah... I've decided to restructure myself. Redefine my level of postivity. I am giving up negativity. It's not about breaking my habit of being negative nellie. It's about creating the NEW habit of positive. That's what I'm deciding on. It won't be easy. I've been negative nellie my entire life. As a writer and poet, I EXCEL when I am depressed. I am ... dare I say it... almost brilliant with my prose, when I am at my low ebb. So.. I'm chancing the loss of what I hold dear... flickers of brilliance... at least in my own mind... for the sake of being positive. Is it worth it? We shall see. This is the experiment. This is the not-so-scientific-experiment-of-life-changing-positivity.

This is interesting. At the very least... somewhat fun.
And who knows what else.

Care to join me? Care to see what life brings to us? Care to make a pact of positivity?

Come on! What do you have to lose? If *they* are right, and we really DO create our good fortune... don't you want a part of it?

Monday, October 5th 2009

Today, I went to a website and was moved to do this post. Go and see Catching Happiness One Scrap at a Time
and read about her story. And then do what she suggests. At the very least, do a breast exam. Don't put it off. We are making great strides in Cancer, if we pay attention and catch it in time.
Don't be a statistic. Be a survivor.
Now... Besides that... I just found a fun site that I played at all weekend. There was a great crop, and I just had a real hoot there. The site is called
Check them out!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009

Today, there is a new sketch revealed at Stuck?! Sketches. Honestly, this one was great because it was for multiple photos, and I struggle with that. Head on over to Stuck?! Sketches and see what you think! Give this a try. I love playing with sketches. It removes the need for struggle, and just lets me play sometimes... and I love that! Sara puts up new sketches on the 1st and the 15th, so be sure to put it on your schedule, and play along for some fun prizes!!!! Who doesn't like some good scrappy goodness??? Here is my take on this sketch. This is, as you know, my beloved Puggle, Beauregard. It really is like having another child. This is one of the few layouts I've done with no journaling. Didn't need to say anything. It's just Beau on walks. LOL I used Cosmo Cricket, Tim Holtz, Mod citrus alphas, Scenic Route alphas, brads, Basic Grey, K & Co, and paint for this. Not to mention flowers and ribbon. Funny dog.

I've been creating. Here are a few of my latest treasures.
These are pics of a round wooden box that I made. I added them the other day, but had to fix the pics and so uploaded them again. I added starched material flowers to the top, along with doodads, crocheted lace, and a birdie.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

What a day!

A day that will live in infamy, to borrow another phrase. It is a sad day. A day that changed the world. This event occured to my neighbours in the United States of America... but it occured to the world as well. When a friend's heart is broken...your heart aches; when a friend experiences loss and catastrophe, you experience the loss and pain with them; when a friend is attacked... you are attacked; when war is called on a friend, war is called on us all. Besides all of this, there was so much loss, that several countries were represented in the dead. We share in this day, a day that changed the world. A day that changed how we present ourselves, how we take care of ourselves, and how we protect ourselves. And it makes me angry that this is the world I have to pass on to my son.

On a Happier Note...

It's Friday! Which means tomorrow is the weekend. Which means I get to spend two days NOT working. sigh. Just the thought makes me happy all over. I plan on spending much of it scrapping and writing. And the weather, apparently, is going to be beautiful. yay.


I've been creating. These are a few layouts that I have been working on.