Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out With the Old, and In With the New

100% Made with my stash.  No new product was harmed in the making of this layout.
It's occurred to me that the whole scrapbooking world is about getting the latest product, and collecting it. If you use it, great, otherwise, you have to go out and get some more new product. The latest and the greatest. Then, of course... we are left with a ton of unused OLDER product!   That product, that we bought filled with excitement, and love of pattern and appearance, and ideas...  becomes almost substandard!  Why is that?  The older product is as wonderful as it was when we bought it.  It's a crazy mentality. I don't toss my clothes after 6 months passes, with the thought that, they no longer are relevant.  One of my hubby's client's yesterday, said something profound. He said, wow... that's a smart industry!  They've done what the software industry has done!  
That took me aback!  

I'm going to be using my stash. I mean REALLY using it!  I've been reading all of these articles lately about the need to use current product if you want to be anything, or go anywhere in this business. That's great, for those on a bunch of design teams... or even one design team, that get a ton of free product delivered to their door... but not so much for everyone else.  And as my son said... not very conservationist, Mom! Oy.  So, here is this somewhat unpopular thought posted on my blog today.  

Use Your Stash!!!

Beauregard and Mischa

I dug out a little stuffed animal that used to sit on my bed a few years ago, (yes, AFTER I was a married mother!), and I gave it to my puppies.  I made them share it... which is easy for my puggle Beauregard!  Not so much so, for my Mischievous Mischa!  If a nickel falls onto the floor, she runs and lays on it, so that you know it's hers.  She's a rescue, and I think she had to fight for her place during her first year of life.  But, the two of them got along with the stuffy perfectly fine!  She tired of sharing quicker, and walked away for a bit. Beauregard could hardly believe his good fortune!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In My Little Corner of the World!

I made this box for my cards.  Playing cards, that is. I enjoy playing cards here and there. My family doesn't, so most of the time, I play solitaire, or a solitary game. :)

I've been spending so much time working at my computer, the days are drifting by almost unnoticed.  I thought I'd post a few of the pics I grabbed the past 2 days, just to make sure I didn't let it all pass me by without 

Looking very bright, my 19 year old gets set to head out for a game of golf with his dad.  And yes, he does dress specifically in golf clothes. They are the only ones he tucks in, apparently.
It's SO hot these past days, (feels like 43 for those of you celsius), and for my US friends... that's over 100F.   The dogs  wanted to be on the back deck with us, but had to sit in the shade. Beauregard went under my swing.  It was just too much for him, altogether!

Coming in from his short walk, Beauregard immediately headed to the vent, to lay ON TOP of it!!! Just to feel some cold air that much quicker.  These puggles aren't huge fans of extra hot days.

Mischa's idea of a cold spot, is on the bathroom floor, right against the toilet, and that's where she headed after her walk.  Guess the air blows nice and cold there.  Hmmm.

So there you have it.  A quick glimpse in the goings on in my home, during a heat spell. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Don'tcha just love moving?
Yeah... me too. It kills me!  But we did it. And we moved from the country... back to the city. I mean no disrespect to those of you who live in the country... but HOW DO YOU DO IT?????  I was fine with the beauty. The people?  Lovely... but ER... VERY nosey.  Did you notice the all caps?  Uh huh. They know every single solitary thing about you.  And that's imperative. They also feel an obligation to share what they know. sigh
Secondly... the internet. I lost friends online, because the internet had me so disconnected.  I couldn't stay connected. And it was costly. And it was s-l-o--o--o--o--o--w!  SO slow.
Here I am, back with regular internet. Back in the city. Back with high speed. And back with paying slightly less that $500 a month to stay connected.  And no... that wasn't a typo.
It was kinda sad saying good-bye to the old house. But the new one is warmer, I think. Theoretically... not actually. We've just felt *at home* from day one.  That wasn't necessarily the case with the old house. Even though it was bigger, grander, and more eye-catching and romantic to look at... it didn't grab my heart. Not like this one does. And I just prefer living in the city.

And the animals love it too! That speaks volumes to me. From the day we moved in, they were happy. As you all know... animals are NEVER happy moving. But my two cats, and two dogs are thrilled. They are comfy here too. It's good when you find a place like this.

So.. here are my good-bye pictures to the old house in the country. We appreciate the nice roof over our heads, but we were ready to move on.....