Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday! Monday! good to me...
blah blah blah blah
Monday is Challenge Day at Scrap Tiffany's!
Today, is ScrapTiffany's Challenge #13! It's an awesome challenge. Are you checking them out? I loved the whole sense of it. Here's my layout for this challenge. This layout is my son at 6 and 17. He is standing by a tree in both of them. One is at YMCA Camp, and the other is in Panama. (LOVE Panama!) There's such a crazyness to time, and how it passes by. Where did it go? I find myself, especially when I do a layout that shows the passage of time... moarning that passage. Does that make sense? I would love to have 6 year old Bean right alongside 17 year old Bean.
Cards, Cards, and More Cards!
I've been working on cards lately. Some... I'll spend hours on.. others? Just a little bit of time. I'm getting really hooked on these cards. I'm going to have to start sending them to people before I run out of place to store them. Right now, I keep some in a card box, with indexes on people's birthdays and special events. If I make a card for one person in particular, I'll keep that card in that box. However... if I make a card like this one? I will store those in a basket. Kind of like how I store my mini albums. People seem to enjoy picking them up and looking at them. And I can just grab one and address it, as the desire hits me. How do you store YOUR mini albums and cards? I'd love to know!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Award!!!
Well... fun times! I was given this award from a fellow Design Team member from ScrapTiffany... Vicki Canning. Vicki is a cool girl from Scotland. Here is Vicki's site! Go have a look!

How fun is this??? :)

Ok.. so there's a price to this. Now I gotta tell you 7 things about myself, and choose 7 people/blogs to receive this award next. Ok...
Here I go...

1. I love seniors. All my volunteer work is with seniors. They are so interesting and beloved.
2. I believe in ghosts. There... I said it again. I believe in ghosts. Mostly because of personal experiences.
3. I once kissed Englebert Humperdink full on the mouth. (I put him on in concert). LOL Lovely
4. I treat my puggle Beauregard, like a child. And he considers it his due!!! Hmmmmm
5. I carry several magazines and a laptop, if I'm going to be in the car longer than 20 minutes. It's a compulsion that drives my husband and son crazy.
6. I routinely get into the wrong van so that the van's driver finds me sitting there waiting for him.
7. I'm writing a book. :)

Now I gotta offer this to others. Today, I'm going to visit a bunch of my blogs that I enjoy, and I'll hand out this to 7 of my faves. Maybe it'll be yours! Check back tomorrow to find out who I choose!

Beauregard! The Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need...
Today's Need? Chewies

Beauregard needs to chew. And we have two choices... only two! We provide him with something he is ALLOWED to chew? Or we provide him with a household that cannot possibly ALL be put too high for him to reach. So... left hand? Chewies. Right hand? Anything he can get his little toothums on.
We buy him chewies. Or.. otherwise known as stuffet. (stuffed animals). And they must have a squeaker inside. You might think WHAT???"+@#&*^#@ SQUEAKER??? NOISE MAKER??? ARE YOU INSANE?

No. Well.. yes, probably.. but not because of this! The squeaker is the attention getter. It's what holds his interest. It's what demands his attention. It is what calls him to chew THIS particular thing, over EVERY SINGLE OTHER thing in the house. You see? This is how it goes!


And there it is. WHAT. Whatcha got? For ME??? Gimme. Look how nice I'm sitting. GIMME.
I press down and SQUEEEEEAK. NOW he's frozen. Except his tale. That's going one-twenty km an hour ... and his eyes are bulging! (Ok.. his eyes are ALWAYS bulging)... but still... SQUEEEEAK, I press again. Now he's fidgetting. I pull out the offending stuffet and say HERE YOU GO!!!!!
And he grabs. With gusto, with fervour... with intent. And begins to chew. He chews until the offending stuffet squeaks like Mommy had it squeaking. Then he knows. Then he's sure. THIS THING MAKES NOISE! That must mean it's destroyable!!!! And he goes for the kill. for the squeak. For the tear. He rips it apart, until his nose squishes itself inside the poor body of the stuffet, and he begins tearing out the stuffing until.... hold onto your hat..................................................... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there it is! The squeak. He's a happy puggle. A needy, destructive, happy Puggle. That's my Beauregard. Here's a layout with what used to be a big, fat, stuffed, stuffet.

You Don't Wanna Miss This!
Don't forget to check out Pam's Blog! That generous girl is still handing out awesome RAK's. It's been going on all week!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Oh BOY. Today is an exciting day for me! I want to start out by saying I'm the Guest Designer today Project52 at Bad Girls Kits. Check me out right HERE on Wendy Rago's site! I had a blast designing this Mixed Media Art project. Step outside your comfort zone, and give this a try! You won't be sorry!!!
Scrapbooking Challenge #12
Another Fun Challenge for You Scrappy Ladies (and gents!)
Check out the challenge #12 right HERE at Scrap Tiffany! It's a great challenge. The person living or dead that I most want to meet? (the obvious was Christ), but I didn't say Him... I chose a person. My Mom, as a young lady. I lost her when I was 24, so I would love to have met the young lady that she was. Here's my layout.
The journaling says:
-Mom - Katherine (Kit)
You were such an awesome Mom!
You were smart and clever and
lovely. Fastidious and kind and
patient, and very *Mom-Like*.
But this girl? This petit, pretty
lady, who was yet to marry and
fall in love, and have her five
children. Who was she? I do know
that I would have loved her.
I would have considered
myself Blessed to have her as
my friend, as I was to have
had her as my Beloved "Mom"!
OH... and ONE More Thing!!!!!!
Check out Pam's Blog! That crazy girl is handing out awesome RAK's all week long!!! Seriously! You'll be sorry you missed this!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

I WON!!!!

Wow! I'm pretty stunned!!! I play along at Project 52 at Bad Girls!!! And hey! This past challenge, I created some Art Money. A Guest Designer spot was up for grabs. And hey... I won!!! I cannot believe it. Such amazing talent participate in these challenges. Thanks so much to the awesome team over there. I'm getting so inspired by all of you, and I'm leaping outside the box in these challenges. Here is the Art Money that I created. :)

Challenge #10 at ScrapTiffany

So... here is a new day!
Because it's Monday... It's Challenge Day at ScrapTiffany!!! Come on over HERE and see what the team has come up with, and the challenge for this week! Play along! Here is my take on the challenge #10! Can you guess what the challenge is? lol

Another Layout

Here's a layout that I did last night. It's a picture of my son and Goofy, just before boarding our Disney cruise. The ship behind Goofy is an exact model of the Disney cruise ship that we were about to board. If you ever want to board a ship and do a fun family cruise? Go Disney, baby. Wow. Wow wow wow. SUCH a fun time. We would go tomorrow, if we could. It was so awesome. I stood beside the photographer, and took a couple pics too. So glad I did, because I managed to get a few shots before we left to board.

As you board the ship, Minnie and Mickey are standing on the grand staircase waving to you, as the Grand greeter ushers you and your family in, and introduces you to the ship, the Captain, and Mickie and Minnie. With us, he said... "Please welcome, and May I present to you "The Roberts Family! Gary, Sandie and Dana!" What a thrill. If you haven't done it... add it to your bucket list. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Good Morning!

I was SUPPOSED to be home today. Home making a fresh super batch of my famous pasta sauce. SUPPOSED to be home. But... here I sit.. at my desk in the office. So.. to amuse me... Let's play a game, shall we? Let's see how observant you are! Let's play... What's wrong with this picture??? Hmmm??? Take a look.. and tell me what is wrong with this picture. Here ya go!


Well??? Did you figure it out? Ok... I'll tell you!


What is wrong with this picture?


You CLEARLY have not been paying attention!!! I told you what was wrong with this picture already. What's wrong is I'M IN IT... I'M HERE AT WORK. I'm SUPPOSED to be home making my world famous pasta sauce.


A New Layout!

On a happier note... I have a new layout that I did last night. Is there anything cuter than a little boy in osh kosh overalls??? I don't think so. I can't get enough of him in little overalls. So cute!!! And I love that October Afternoon and Little Yellow Bicycle papers too. Very nice. The diamond shape bling in the centre above ? How cute is that? It's chatterbox deluxe brads. VERY nice. I must get myself more of those!!!

Check out THIS BLOG for a shot at some fun goodiness. :) You won't be sorry!!! (unless I win)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Interesting Interests
So.. I pretty much live, eat, breathe my family. The amazingly wonderful hubby... the spectacular child of my loins... cats a and b... otherwise known as Disney and Jaguar.. and yes... the Problematic puggle of perpetual need... Beauregard the Great...
After family.. there is this common bond called Scrapbooking. The need to create... to purchase... to collect... to amass... etc etc etc. This so-called hobby, otherwise known as addiction, compunction, need, drive, ambition, love... fills up much of my world.

And then there is the other interest....
I'll start by telling you where my Scrapbooking room is. It's in my home office. Not my real office... but my home office. That home office is located in my basement. My basement isn't a prettily decorated part of my home. No-siree... it's a dark and small room, hidden in a partially finished basement, also used as a storage area in much of the space. My scrapbooking room/home office rests deep down there. At night, which is when I scrap... it can get a bit odd. Especially since the rest of my brood is upstairs. Waaaaaa-aaaaay upstairs. I'm too far down below to be heard, most likely.

Ok, I'll say it. It's a scary spot. It's an eerie space. A part of the house that makes it hard to go to my happy place. And yet... my hobby... my compunction... my neeeee-eeeed (didn't know that was a two syllable word, eh?) continues to drive me down there.... alone... in the dark of night. Perhaps that scary stuff ALSO drives me down there. I like to be scared. Which brings me to the actual task of naming my other interest... My house is haunted. Whew. THERE, I said it. It's haunted! I have heard and seen some odd things down there, alone in the middle of the dark night. And yet... I still go down and play. Yepper. In fact... the other night... I went down, movie in hand... plugged in my Mac, and watched a movie while I scrapped... What was the movie? Paranormal Activity. In this moment, I need to tell you folks just how awesome I am. I sat in that dungeon... ahem... basement... and I watched that scary movie... all alone... in the middle of the night. yes-siree. And for those of you that haven't seen it? That is one scary movie. Ahhhh... It just added to the ambience of my already considered to be haunted little hole in the earth basement. That's some scary stuff. And that folks... is my other interest... the haunting of my home. Or the haunting of any home. :)

I'll leave you with a picture I took inside a room. Take a look. These lights just showed up... and the face on the left side? Can ya see it? What do you think???