Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So.. when I think of Valentine's Day coming up in the next few days... I think of MY guy! I think of how many years we've been together.. and of how amazingly blessed I've been to have him in my life and heart for all this time!
Sophia, at 2Peas has a little meme challenge for us. So here's mine:

1. What's one physical charateristic that you love about your mate?

Hmmm. I have to say his eyes. He has GREAT eyes!!! They're all droopy on the edges,kinda like a Bassett Hound's.

2. What's one personality trait that stands out about your mate?

His Sense of Humour. He's funny. And he sees humour in most places. Isn't that an awesome characteristic? I don't have it.. I guess that's one of the reasons I am so thankful for it in him.

3. How long have you been together? Married?

We've been together since January 1981!!! I was 18 and he was 21. We got married May 21st, 1988! It was my Mom's birthday. I'd lost her the year before, so it was a great way to remember her, and have her as part of our wedding. So I guess that means that we will celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary this May!!!! WOW!!!

4. Would you say that you loved your husband first for his brains, his brawn or his bankbook?
This is tough. He was a skinny kid when I met him. He was a broke kid when I met him. As for the other? LOL NOW I love him for his brains. THEN? Nope. I can honestly say I loved him for his heart. Schmaltzy yes.. but true. He was such a softy. It was hard NOT to love him!

5. Did you pick out your ring or did he surprise you with it?

I picked it out with him. We went as a couple. I would have been happy either way though. Whatever. Had he picked it out.. or as it was.

6. How did you choose where to be married?

At the time, we were two different faiths. So we chose United. NOW, we are both Catholic, and have since had it blessed in our Church. But then.. we went to something nonpartial. And it was beautiful!

7. How is your marriage different that it was the day you married?

Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could fill pages here. Mostly... it's just so different because WE are just so different. But the one area that stands out is it is SO much more UNSELFISH. On both our parts. We are less likely to look for Our Own Personal Angle. Now we tend to think as a unit. How will it affect us both. How will it affect our family, our son? How will it affect our marriage? We think more as a unit, than as two individuals. THEN, we were still striving to be separate entities too.
8. What do you love the most about your mate?

His heart. His sense of humour. And the kind of Dad and husband that he is. He's amazing at all of these things. And I love him for it! And for so much more.

9. What's something that you do to keep your marriage happy?

Besides the obvious... which is *think of the other person first*. We go out together. We go to the show. We have dinner. We chat... just the two of us. And we put each other, and our son first... over our own person *stuff*. We know we can count on each other. Another thing we do in our family, is say I Love You! We say it when we go to bed! We say it when we get up. We say it throughout the day, for no reason at all! We say it when we hang up the phone with each other, and when we go to the store.. or when I head downstairs to scrapbook! We just say it all the time. It just feels so good to say it, and to hear it.

10.List one word to describe your mate for every year that you've been together.

1. Positive
2. Funny
3. Goofy
4. Sweet
5. Kind
6. Gentle
7. Smart
8. GREAT at his job
9. Loving
11. WONDERFUL Husband
12. kid at heart
13. Dependable
14. Nice
15. Humble
16. Faithful
17. Thoughtful
18. Generous
19. Encouraging
20. Appreciative
21. Handsome
22. Trustworthy
23. Friendly
24. Trusting
25. Smart
26. Sensible

Saturday, February 2, 2008


The Spice Kit

The Sugar Kit

Check out the FEBRUARY KIT!!! I love it! I asked for the Sugar Kit... because it was more my colour scheme. These kits became available on February 1st... and
here are my layouts using the Sugar Kit!