Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Year?

A New Year?

So... another year has snuck up on me, and I was too busy, and too caught up in my life to make it noteable.

Or perhaps the commonness of everyday living IS what makes it noteable.

It's easy to find awesomeness in the awesome. It's a lot harder to find it in the ordinary. My ordinary, day-to-day existence leading up to Christmas and New Years, has been nuts, crazy, and definitely not awesome. Sometimes crazy takes over, and you lose track of all the good stuff. So... that's been my Christmas/New Years. I held on for dear life, and just rode the wave. When it was over... yep... I was sick in bed. STILL having to continue on, preparing for our trip. A last minute deal, coming up on the 3rd of January, '09. Yeow. Ok... do I want to take this trip? Nah. Not really. The warm weather will be nice... but I'm tired. More interested in staying home, relaxing... taking things easy. We were going, however... for my wonderful husband. Wait until you read about the trip! The last minute trip... which included getting our passports with ONE day to spare... and yes, I did say one day.

Here I am... back home... still feeling in need of a vacation. LOL But truly appreciating the warmth and heat, and vitamin D that washed over my body during that week in Cuba.

I'll post some pics... and none of me in a bathing suit. Nobody is ready for that.