Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cha Sneaks

CHA happenings!

You gotta love this time of year.  All of the sneak peeks.  All of the new product!  Just so many, it's a bevy of beauty!  I'm going to be talking about some faves of mine.  Here's one of them.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a CHA Weekend!!!

I Wish I Was At CHA!!!

Yay!  For those of us who don't have the ability to go to CHA... there's a great celebration at TwoPeas!  Head HERE, and join in on the fun!  The girls at 2Peas know how to have a good time, so if you wish you were there... you'll want to be HERE.

I wish I could go back to some of the days that I scrapbook.  I remember holding my baby boy.  That feeling of tranquility... of all being right in the world.  I remember sitting with my son in the back yard, creating scenes of fun around his pool, and his laughter.  I would love to be sitting on the chair right now, by  his pool... or sitting in his pool with him, reading Harry Potter.  I would love to be able to return to those days.  

Of course... then, I would be deprived of another little face that I've gotten quite used to....
and that is THIS little smiley, handsome, hardheaded fella!
My little Beauregard, the problematic puggle of perpetual need.  You really can't have it all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jaguar, Disney, and a Beauregard aka MY OWNERS

Jaguar... is somewhere in this house... roaming around, and most likely engaging in mischief, or sleeping.  Jag has two modes... trouble, and sleep.  Nothing in between.  He's like a child, however.  When I don't hear him... I need to worry.  Unless he's sleeping.  Sometimes, I just chance it.  I sit back and assume.  Well.. you know what they say about assuming???!!!!

And then there was Disney!!!
Disney is a stereotypical cat on the one hand... and completely a dog, on the other.  He is standoffish, self-reliant, self-absorbed, with an extreme fetish to grooming himself until he shines.  He has a somewhat grumpy countenance, and he doesn't appreciate Mommy going OUT to work.  
But LATELY... I've been working from home!  Disney (and he's there right this minute), sits extremely close by my side, as I work.  I have a Macbook Pro, so I don't need to sit at the desk.  I sit on my sectional in the family room.  I can keep my leg up (owie leg... long story)... and I have my paperwork nearby... and there is Disney... snuggled up close to my side, occasionally head-butting me to let me know how appreciative he is to have me so close, and that I apparently recognize that my true place is at home, and by his side. 

and that's fine.  I'm ok with catering to my kitty cat.  
and he's ok with it too!


And then there was Beauregard!
The problematic puggle of perpetual need.

As Jag thinks he's Dennis the Menace, 
Disney thinks he's a Dog...
Beauregard knows he's the boss, the owner, the neediest noodle in the universe.
Well... in HIS universe, at any rate.
The closer Disney snuggles, the more unsure Beauregard gets. Surrounded by several pillows, and going back and forth between them, Beauregard does not, at any point during the day... leave my side, other than to eat, drink, or potty.

A puggle rhymes with snuggle, and that's what they do.  They are needy little beasts, that live to snuggle with their Mommy and Daddy.  It makes for a warm day, despite the frigid temperatures outside.  I have my guys on either side, loving me unconditionally...

And it is unconditionally.  All they ask is that you LET them love you.  They want to be near you.  See you, smell you, touch you, snuggle with you.  And their world is a wonderful, safe, and happy place, when they get this.  Wow.  Animals are humbling.  Even the arrogant beasts that live in my home.

Do you have any animals?
What is their personality like?

Friday, January 21, 2011

 Medieval Times
The meal presentation.  It starts with soup and garlic bread.  Very tasty.  And no.. still no utensils.  you drink the soup.
My Birthday present from my son Dana.  My birthday was November 2nd.  Such fun!!! I was pretty thrilled.  i would have preferred to have my husband AND son there... but ... hubby and I headed to the castle in Toronto, to attend the dinner and tournament.  Good times.  We got seats at table one, right down in the front. That was awesome.  So close to the festivities and the horses, and the men on horseback!!!!  Yepper. We were on the side of the black knight.  Each section has their own knight.  

You can't really tell how close we were sitting... but trust me... we were as close as we could get, without being IN the pit with the knights.    It was a good gift.  And I've wanted to go there for so many years.  Too many to count.   I'm posting a few pics, just to give you an idea of events. I highly recommend that you go and see Medieval Times.  it's not just for children.  It's a fun Mom and Dad date.  There were plenty of adult only groups.  Go.. have fun.. indulge in the fantasy!  
Gary loved the soup.  So did I.  Very yummy.  And who doesn't love the excuse of eating with your hands?!
So many things going on!
The entire event is one ongoing story.  Like watching a live movie.
A beautiful spectacle!

The King and Princess, as they address their guests.

Ready to eat, and enjoy the show.

There were a number of horses that did amazing things.  What awesome beauties.

Another picture of our black knight.

The Prince finally returns.  
Here is a picture of our black knight.

Here is our knight, dressed in all his finery, ready for battle.  And yes... they DO battle!

This is the man who told the story, introduced the knights, and the events going on.  He spoke with the King, the Princess, the Prince, and the Knights. Very cute.

A Falcon and his trainer.  This falcon was incredible.  You will see him fly out from his trainer, and return... soar, eat, dive, and return again, on command.  Amazingly beautiful animal.
Here he is with his trainer... about to be sent off to those of us around the area.  He flew out over all of us, and was so gorgeous.
Here is the gorgeous falcon, flying and soaring over our heads.  He was much closer than he appears.  So wonderful.
Our manservant.  For food, we had potatoes, chicken legs, bun, etc.  And NO utensils.  You eat with your hands, as you would have had you been eating at the castle during these actual times.  The bowls and things are iron or steel.  Heavy

Many things take place during the event.  Parades, horse shows, battles, you name it.
Here I am at my table.  The empty chair is Gary's, and he's taking the picture. 

Our lead man and speaker again.  Very sweet and appealing accent, ladies.

Beauregard missed us, so here he is with the paper crown on his head, sitting on me, and completely unwilling to let me out of his sight.  He's a very dramatic fella.