Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 1st, 2010

Olympic Gold... All of you!

Ahhhh. There is something about the start of MARCH that makes it feel like Spring... yes?
Congrats to the many athletes from around the world, for your hard work, wonderful sense of sportsmanship and fair play... and medal wins. :) Congrats Canada... on setting a new record for Gold medal wins in the world Winter Olympics.. and to the States on you record number of medals as well. Congrats to my home country of Canada for showing your spirit and hospitality to the world. I loved that we showed ourselves off to our guests. I love that we opened our arms in welcome. Great job! And I just gotta say it... Congrats Canada on a hockey gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Week 9 Challenge!
Ok. It's Monday! That means it's a new challenge day right
HERE at Scrap Tiffany!! Go and check it out! Here is my take on the challenge. Can you guess what this week's challenge is? Give it a shot... and then head over and see! It's a fun one!

Go check out the fun contest right HERE! It's on the Scrapfest forum. Don't miss out on the fun. Just a little post! That's it. Well worth it! And OH by the way!

Friday, February 26, 2010

February 27, 2010

Page Maps February Sketch - Scrapdango!

Scrapdango is celebrating an anniversary this month... it's 4th!!! Pagemaps has decided to jump on into the fun, and have a sketch up for us to help celebrate! For this contest, we are asked to create a layout based on this sketch any size, any orientation, any way you want to interpret it, using any products you would like. The sketch is 8.5x11 but I've made it into a 12x12. You can see the yummy prize that Carrie Leavitt is giving away, sitting atop of the equally yummy sketch.

Here is my take on it!
I used Bo Bunny, Pink Paislee, MME, Tattered Angels glimmer screens and glimer msit, bling, large brad, K & Co rubons, Paper Salon rubons and Sandylion rubons.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th 2010

Odd thing About Me!
Ten Months from Today.. Christmas will be all over!

So... I'm known to say that each 25th of the month. I don't know why.


Now... onto something actually interesting????

You have heard of blog giveaways? Ok... there are blog giveaways... and then there are THESE kinds of blog giveaways. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Check out this lady's blog and put a comment in for this yummy goodness. Can you say WOWZERS??????? WHOOOOHOOOOO!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th, 2010

2010 It's the ten that messes me up each time. I'm used to that not not... or is it knot knot? double ohhhh? Whatever. Slipping that one inside my oohs... is just diffult to these hands, and each and every single solitairy time that I type it.... or write it... Yep... I have to backspace or erase. sigh. I'm just saying.....

Did anyone who watched the Women's Figure Skating last night NOT cry when Joannie Rochette skated? To remind some of you who aren't Canadian... she is the young woman who's Mom flew into Vancouver Sunday night, and died over night. Joannie decided to skate, in honour of her Mom. Wow. I was 24 (her age), when I lost my Mom... so I speak from keen experience. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea how that girl did it. No idea. To focus through the devastation to do that? And do it that well? Wow. I'm in awe.

Who didn't feel the massive heartbreak of that Dutch speedskater... Sven Kramer... who's coach told him to go into the wrong lane... he won... and was disqualified? oh boy.

Extended Family
Our little family is small. That's what happens when you can only have one child. But we've always tried to fill our house with extended members..... of the furry kind. Here are a couple pix of Beauregard, the Problematic Puggle of Perpetual Need... along with Disney the Dismal feline... and Jaguar-his-name-says-it-all- the cat who can.

When Beauregard and I stay home from work, he goes insane when he finally sees Gary. Acts like he's been deserted in a pit for days. Jumps up onto the chair with Gary, and plants himself squished in there, holding onto his leg. It's a truly pitiful site.

Now... that doesn't say, he doesn't enjoy a good snuggle with Mommy. Here he is planting himself a fair bit in there, between me and the couch. He likes a full body snuggle. You could call him a snuggle Puggle!

And then there were the cats!!! Cats are beautiful creatures! I've always thought so. They are so self absorbed, and yet we give them that absorbtion, and feed it even. And somehow that seems to be ok with us. If a human was like that, we'd be complaining for sure... but coming from a cat? It seems fair and even right! Why is that? Here are my Disney and Jaguar. (Jag is the orange) Disney is a fair bloke. Right, good, kind, and skittish as all get out. Jaguar is a full on no holds barred kind a guy. He is full of bravado and oomph. He drives Disney crazy. That's fitting, since Beauregard drives Jag crazy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Morning! I've gotten caught up (once again) in these Olympics. What a good time. I am SO going to miss watching them, when they are over. As soon as the games are 1/4 over, I am lamenting their loss. I think that just about describes me to a tee. LOL

It's Time for Challenge #8!

HEY!! Check out ScrapTiffany's for Challenge #8! Here is my take on it. There are some wonderful examples... so you must go and check them out... and then participate!!! I promise you... this is one that you will love. And you may not be able to guess the challenge by mine... so be sure and have a look!

Not even close.

I'm not even close to having finished scrapbooking my son's young childhood. Forget the most recent photos... I don't know how to scrap many of them. I think I've just taken too many pictures. Anybody else feel the same? What do you do with the pictures that you don't scrap? When I was taking pictures with my non digital SLR (Nikon FM2)... I had rolls of 24! Now... having gone digital... come on. I can take upwards of 100 or more photos. Obviously I am not going to scrap all of those!!! So instead... You have to choose those pictures that represent what you are trying to showcase. Is it a birthday? What about pictures of those who attended. Perhaps a group shot? Blowing out the candles? A picture of the birthday boy/girl showing the emotions of the day? Pic of Mom and Dad with junior? Whew... you can see where it gets hard to know where to cut things off. When I want to include many pictures... I'll either make a mini book, or a double pager... or I'll print a number of pictures in smaller sizes. They don't all have to be 5x 7's!!!

Don't bother saving my place!

Another thing you may want to consider? Don't feel as if you have to go in order! You can! If that's how you like to do things. But scrapbooking is as individual as the people who play it! It's an artform. Art is subjective. It's all about finding your thing, and running with it. You can learn the basics.. some ideas... some techniques... but then you have to jump into the ring and create. You want to do it your way. I don't scrap in order. What I do recommend is that you organize your photos. Especially in this digi age. With thousands of pictures, you need to take good notes if you aren't scrapping them right away. Otherwise you'll forget what you are doing! You'll forget what the pictures are saying. The inside story! You may even forget the outside story. I didn't scrap when my son was a baby... so I didn't write down the stories. Now.. when I go and scrap them, I find it hard to remember everything. Sometimes I get the year wrong. sheesh. It can happen. You don't think it will! You assume you'll remember these moments forever. Doesn't always work that way!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Come play!!!

Webster's Pages....
One of my very favorite paper companies has gotten together with Tattered Angels for some yummy fun! You can check it out HERE and maybe win some new goodies! Good luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Thank you!

Sorry it took me a few days to say it, but Thank you so very much to each one of you that visited my blog during the fun Scrap Tiffany Blog Hop! It was a great success, and a very fun time... thanks to all of you! I loved reading your comments and checking out several of your blogs. I'll be visiting all of them throughout the coming few days. Scrapbooking women are the best on the planet. I don't know what it is... but there is something about the woman who scraps. She's warmer, friendlier, and just nicer to have around. Now for the fun part! We have a giveaway to do! If you visited my blog and posted a comment over the weekend, then you are included in the drawing! I asked one son to pick a number for me... and we have winner!
Rhonda who said Great projects! I really like your cards!
February 13, 2010 10:04 AM

Please email me Rhonda, with your address. Then I can get a little something in the mail to you!!!
I wish I had a little something for all of you. I appreciate that you played with us this weekend, and spent some of your valuable time on our blogs. I've been going around to all of your blogs. At least those of you who have them! I still have a few to visit... so bear with me. :) C ya again soon, I hope!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to the Scrap Tiffany Blog Hop

Hi Ladies! (and Gents!)

Welcome to my blog. We were challenged to create projects on Celebrations! So I hope I can be a little bit inspiring to you today! If I'm the first blog you've hit, Awesome! When you are done looking at my creations, be sure to head HERE to see some more wonderful projects!!! Without further ado.... here's what I have today, on this wonderful Olympic Saturday!
My first project is some napkin holders. I love making napkin holders. It's a keepsake for whoever is there, and they can be personalized for the season! The paper flowers were easy to create. I cut out circles in various sizes using my leftover papers. I keep them in a bowl. When I am watching tv, or whenever I need one or two, I just throw one together. If you don't know how... you make 4 or 5 (or more) circles in various sizes, small to bigger. Use different but coordinating papers. I crinkle the paper up around the edges to make it appear flower like. I layer the circles, and attach with a brad. How simple is that?

Project 2
I decided to create a few cards. The first is a Valentines Card, and the 2nd is a Anniversary card. I have a basket that I keep my completed cards in. That way, when I'm in the mood to create a card, I do, and I have them when I need them. Plus, the basket is fun for people to go through.

Project 3
Here, I created a little goodie holder. So simple to make. Take a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock, and cut it end to end. Then with the tip facing away from you, take the right corner, and tightly on the bottom, fold it in towards the top tip, until they are even. Take the left side, and fold it over so that it creates a cone shape, and you have it. I embellished it by using a punch along two of the three sides, and then adding embellishments for effect. I finished it off with ribbon in the top to hang it with. It still didn't look finished, so I took a piece of pattern paper, and sliced several thin strips. I ran the strips (folded) through a crinkler... and voila... that finished touch. You can add candy to this, or put strips of flowers into it... whatever your imaginations tells you! Have fun!

Project 4 The Heart Shaped Keepsake Box

I love creating keepsake boxes.. out of anything. They just make it so much more fun to keep things in. This is an old box of chocolates. It's a double layer heart, so extra fun to create with. I embellished with flowers, leaves, ribbon, lace... bling.. you name it. The sky's the limit with these things.

Project 5 - The Cupcake Tutorial

Start with your strip of 12 x 1 1/2 " strip and pleat it

Add a 1 inch strip long enough to go around your pleat

Put them together like this. (It should resemble the cup look of a cupcake

Get a styrofoam ball and slice it in half.

Cut circles out of sparkly paper. (Or any paper, and sparkle it yourself later.) They should be small.. about the size of a dime. The paper should be stiffer.. as c/s

Take straight pins, and fix the circles onto the styrofoam 1/2 circle.

Embellish however you like.. and that's all there is to it. You have fun cupcakes. Just don't try and eat them! :)

Enjoy the rest of your blog hop!!! The next stop on this hop is Cindy's!

Have you created something for celebrations? Leave a comment for me before you leave for a chance to win something scrappy goodness from me. I'll draw one name and post the winner on Monday. Hugs! And Come again.

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

It's A New Day!
With a New Challenge!

And it's Monday! Monday means Challenge Day at Scrap Tiffany's. Go HERE and check out the fun challenge for this week. I did a couple of cards... and I'm not overly happy with them. Sometimes I do some great cards... and sometimes not. It's interesting on how that happens. Cards can be tricky for me. I usually have to be *in the mood* to do cards. I am not like that for layouts usually. I mean... I do layouts when I'm half asleep. I think it's because I haven't done nearly as many cards. Here are my two samples...

The REAL of Reality

I can't control myself. I truly can't. When I'm home from work, I find a new one to become addicted to. I start programming my PVR to tape them whem I'm not there. I tell my PVR to FIND them when I can't. And then the guilty pleasure of it... when the house is silent, and all are resting in dreamland... I sit there with a bowl of popcorn and indulge myself in more ways than one. sigh I blame Survivor. I truly do! I started to watch the very first episode, and haven't missed one since. And then there came Canadian Idol and American Idol. Let's not forget Extreme Home Makeover, and that leads to Tabitha's Salon Makeover, all of the Real Estate shows of people buying their home. Big Brother!!! The Biggest Loser... The Apprentice... The Amazing Race...Shark Tank, Dragon's Den, Dog, the Bounty Hunter, and Man Tracker. Sometimes Survivorman. Oy vay. I could go on and on... but I'll stop there. I'm hooked on all of these, PLUS more. I didn't even talk about Mike Holmes and his homes inspection shows. sigh. It's a sickness. I know it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February1, 2010

It's February 1st!!!

Can you believe that it's February? Next month SPRING is here!!!! I know... it's towards the END of next month, and this month has just breathed it's first breath... but hey... you gotta be positive. And with this cold, wintery blast of ugly air outside.... this is the positive piece of being February 1st, that I can find. :)

A New Challenge! Aren't You Curious?It's Challenge day at the Scrap Tiffany blog again! I had fun with this week's. Come and check it out. Sometimes, when we are in the midst of scrapping this child, or that child... our daily activities.. Christmas... various holidays... and a bazillion other things... we lose sight of ourselves. So come on over HERE, and check out the fun challenge on the board for this week! Here is my take on the challenge:

The REST of the Story!
Not included on this page, is the reason that I have almost no pictures of myself as a baby or a child. My house burned down when I was young, and we lost all of it. What pictures we do have, we got from family and friends. But back then, they didn't have a lot of us. And me? I was the fifth child, so there weren't a lot of pics of me to start with.

The Critical Blast...
I saw "Edge of Darkness", Mel Gibson's movie. OMG VERY very dark movie. And it was very long-winded. (aka boring and too dry in parts). It was also VERY graphic with the violence. I could take the darkness of the movie... I understood the premise.. But seriously... the violence felt gratuitous. It seemed like they were looking to shock. And let me tell you... they did. It ended well though. I like a good ending. If a movie has a lousy ending, I'm bummed or bugged all day. That didn't happen, thankfully. There you have it... the one good thing about this movie... in my humble opinion.