Friday, December 12, 2008

And Another Thing...

I've gotten a tad more introspective. And with that in mind... I'll be working on classes for The Vision Board, in the new year. If you are interested, keep a watch. I think it'll be a wonderful journey... and one that will aid us in bringing an era of gratitude and prosperity and goodness into our worlds... even more than we currently enjoy. Fun!

This layout is called Sassy and Young. Yes... I once was young. I look back and think of all of the wishes and hopes and dreams that I had back then. How different would my life be, if I had created a Vision Board back then? How different would my life be, if I had read "The Secret"... brought the process into my life. My daily life? Had I moved in a constant pattern towards those wishes and hopes and dreams. And moreso.. had I drawn those same things TOWARDS me?

I drink my milk. I don't lament over it being spilt. So, I move forward and onward. And I will grab hold of the life I want now. And I will call my dreams to me.

Nowhere Near

Nowhere Near... and Yet So Close

So... I am nowhere near ready for Christmas.... and yet it is so close. How does it sneak up so quickly? How is it that one day, I am making the decision to shop early... and the next day, I'm already too late to be early. In fact... the day after that... I am running handily late.
Christmas. When I wasn't working... it was my most favourite time of the year. Now, I tend to try and fracture time to allow me to get my decorations up. It's a very stressful time of the year. When I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, I was able to make the time to do this, in a more stress-free manner. Made it much more enjoyable. However... wah wah wah. My cry is over... and I will go home... do my dishes that I didn't do last night... decorate... put away the storage containers that are currently in my hall... and tidy up. Then I'll crash... and hey. I'll get up in the morning, and start all over. :) OH... did I mention, hubby wants me to book us on a trip? Yeah. So.. I'll get that done in the meantime. He wants the trip done THIS MONTH. No pressure. Yeah. I can hear some of you... WHAT? You want us to feel sorry for you cuz you have to BOOK A TRIP??? yeah. I know it's asking a lot. Really. But it's still a stress WHILE I do it... DURING Christmas shopping, WHILE running a company... AND a home... AND being a Mom and wife. All while I battle chronic illness. That just is my fact. However... so many have it so much worse. And those of you, who don't have their spouses home with them for Christmas? I recognize you top that list. And my fun whine is just that. I know I'm blessed. I pray for those of you who have lost their spouse, or whose spouse is fighting a war. If you need special prayers (by name)... just let me know. I'll put your name down on my list... happily so.

And now for our DUH moment of the day.

OK... now.. have I managed to fit in scrapbooking in this life?

If it's a life... it's gotta have scrapbooking in it.

Here are a few of my latest pages.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Head on over to this blog!

Hey guys... Head on over to this blog. She's giving away a great RAK of stamps. YUMMO!!!!! While there... have a read. I'm such a blog addict.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ooops. Just How Old AM I?

I appear to have gotten my age wrong. LOL ach. At least... I am now younger than I thought I was. I was sure I was one age... (remember... I"m not telling anymore)... and here I found out... Nope. The news isn't as dastardly as I had originally thought. Whew. I can breath a younger sigh of relief. Not much younger, mind you... but younger.

In keeping with the whole theme of Age... Here's a page I just did called "Youth and Yesterday".
The journaling goes around the edges, and it says:

I had so many dreams at this age. I thought that one day I would marry a good man, have a family, write, be a woman of faith, be the best Mom I could be. So many dreams all those years ago. What mattered then, still matters to me today.

Happy Birthday to Me

November 2nd. -- All Souls Day!

Today... I turned...

One year older. It's funny how as young people, we want desperately to appear older than we are. When we get older... we try desperately to appear younger than we are. Today... my mirror should come with a warning! "Things in the mirror appear older than they are".

I got some nice presents for my birthday. My son bought me a gift certificate to my favourite clothing store. He bought it with his own money. So.. I bought myself some nice things. :)

Hubby? He bought me beautiful flowers first thing in the morning, and made reservations at our favourite booth at a new restaurant. It was a lovely day. But birthdays just don't mean much to me anymore. It just means older. The birthday I love to celebrate? Christmas and my son's birthday. Christmas for obvious reasons. My son's birthday? Well, because that's a date I remember being there for. That's a day I remember vividly. I remember him coming into the world. I remember looking at him. Wondering at him. I remember the love... the awe... the absolute heart-wrenching and painful love that consumed me the first glance of him. I remember that day, oh yes. Now THAT'S a birthday I like celebrating.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big Snip

The Big Snip

I did a new layout of Beauregard. I called it "The Big Snip". Three guesses as to what it's about??? Now that he's fixed, we've started taking puppy classes. And he's doing surprisingly good!!! Go figure. I would never have expected it. He's much smarter than he appeared to be. Which... sadly means that we are much dumber. The tail has definitely been wagging the dog in my home. It is what it is... and hopefully we'll get a bit smarter, along with the dog.
At first, we decided that Gary would lead him in the classes and I'd just watch. Once we got there, however... Gary benched himself, and sent in the farm team. So.. it's me and Beau... with Gary watching from the comefy chair on the side, with an X-lrg Tim's coffee. What a guy. Beau and I are coming to terms with the class, expectations, and which of us is the dog.. and which is the tail, exactly. We're still arguing about it.

Here's the layout. "The Big Snip"... The poor little guy had that nasty cone on. I felt bad. :( So.. I grabbed an old soft t-shirt of mine... cut out some head room, and shortened it, etc... and put it on him. Hey, at least it meant he could have a bit of a break from the conehead. This dog has wormed his way into our hearts in such a major way. His funny monkey face, makes us smile. He's got such a major attitude that he also makes us crazed. What a dog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bucket List

A Bucket List
This is something I haven't done before. A bucket list. I watched the movie (you know... the one with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?) I found it depressing in the extreme. I'm not big on sickness movies. Probably because of my history with sickness. However... it is what it is.... and here's the layout.

What was on my Bucket List? Nothing grand. Ok.. slightly grand.. but not out of reach.

1. Go on a long Disney Cruise

2. Go on a long family cruise to the Mediterranean

3. Write and publish my book

4. Be healthy and achieve my goal weight

5. Buy a motorhome and travel with my family

6. Swim with the dolphins

The problem with my bucket list, is it changes so much. There are some consistencies... but it does change. I'm about to do up a Vision Board. If you've ever heard about *The Secret*... then you've probably heard about the Vision Board. I think I'll respond better to that. I can hardly wait to get started. In case you don't know what a Vision Board is... you prepare a board of images... and when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires. It's a hyper version of writing down your goals and dreams. You are increasing the PICTURE of those goals and dreams.

When I get it done... I'll post it here, with instructions.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some New Stuff

Some New Stuff
I tend to scrap every day... but lately... what I scrap feels just *more of the same*. I need to join a group or a challenge, or a contest. Something to motivate me outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I just feel as if it's the same layout, different pictures. All that is going to change though. I NEED it to change. So get set. I'm on the lookout. On the prowl... as it were. I'm a heat-seeking missile... looking for a place to be inspired. Looking for an event to inspire me. :D

Here are a few things I've done lately. A Future Superstar is my son. He's 16 and wants to be a television journalist. He's crazy good. He's already worked on air as a journalist for a local cable company. People who know... tell us he's amazing. So I think he's going to go far! A natural, is Dana when he was 14. Dana's Easel... he is sitting at his favourite spot... in front of his easel. He sat there all the time, from the age of 2 to 12... so it is a picture that warms my heart.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me....

Happy Birthday song... sing along if you know it...

(I accidently drafted my posts... so they haven't been posted. I'm such a turkey)

Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday dear Sandie....
Happy Birthday to me.

..... and many more.........................................

November 2nd... All Souls Day. Can you believe it? I'm getting kinda old too. I'm now at the age where I don't want to tell you how old I am. I've actually become *one of those women*.

It was a good day. I got up, and hubby brought me a card and flowers (a dozen pink tipped/white roses) when I went downstairs. Then... hubby, son, and I headed out to a beautiful restaurant for breakfast. It's a new European restaurant that we discovered. He reserved my favourite table and everything. Afterwards, we had some presents. My son went and gave me a fab gift card to my favourite clothing store. It was bought with his own money. I went shopping right away, of course... and bought myself a sweater... with a long shirt underneath it. for once... I decided to dress a little more youthful. Since he bought it for me... I figured he'd prefer that. Both hubby and son loved it. Unfortunately my son had to work. :( Hubby and I had a lovely day... and I got to play, shop, enjoy...

All in all... a good birthday.

OH... did I mention what my hubby bought me? My TREADMILL!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I've wanted it forever... and I FINALLY got it! I spent part of the day cleaning and preparing one of the downstairs offices, so that it could be set up in there. THEN we set it up!!!

Happy Birthday to me... :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SO much Information

SO Much Information... Resources, and Fun.

Check out this site. It's FULL of fun stuff. Classes... techniques... giveaways. Just so much helpful stuff. You will want to see what is offered. Don't miss out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mark your calendars for the weekend of Oct 24-26, as we are having a huge online crop at There will be lots of games, challenges, prizes and more! Don't miss this spooktacular weekend! And stop by early, to choose your words to play along in a fun and scary challenge I have going on. Come on... do you dare?????!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What an awesome collection!

What an awesome collection! This is the beautiful new stuff from Websters. Just look at the romance of this collection. The beautiful appeal and gardeny/vintage look. It's just all very good. Why don't you go and have a look for yourself...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Beauregard

My Little Beauregard and the Big Snip

Here he is... on the way to the vet hospital this morning, to be neutered.

He comes to work with us every day... so when we deviate the drive.. he recognizes it. And he did notice today. The only time we head out this one particular highway, is to go to the vet... so he knew. Poor little baby. He didn't understand what was going on this morning, when I handed him over to the girl. He's very sensitive. A typical puggle. He is a mama's boy... and a daddy's boy. He isn't used to being separated from us... so he's scared. And of course... I got upset. :( Ugh. It feels like forever until we can pick him up at 9am tomorrow morning. It's the right thing... the responsible thing. But I wish I could just stay with him. These little dogs are very different from the larger ones. Our old dog that we lost last year... Kato... he was very sensitive and sweet... but in a different way.

It's a tough day... cuz I'm a big ole wimp, and I want my Beauregard back.

My Other *Baby*... Ok.. at 16... I am allowed mere seconds to take the picture and move on. That's how I grabbed this diddy last night. He was doing volunteer work at his high school, and came home later in the evening with the knowledge that I wanted to take a couple of pics. So... very little argument took place. Again... as long as speed was tantamount. Gone is the little one that loved to smile for the camera at every opportunity. Don't get me wrong. He's 16, and feels like the camera loves him... as most 16 year old boys. But like most teens, he has much better use of his time.

There you have it. Very cute young man... who is very busy... and very much *on the move*. And trying to be very tolerant of his mom.

I do have to mention the clothes though. Have you noticed how things seem to be heading back to the 60's and 70's? You know... the shirts that are tight... the pants all grungy... and the hair with that *swept look*???

Hope you held onto those old vintage clothes ladies. They're gonna come back eventually.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday.... so good to me....

Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be......

Love that song! And it's so appropriate today, I joined a new contest. It's called:

Dream Your A ScrapStar.

It's held at So if you want to come and check it out.. come on! It's been fun. For challenge #1, I had to use 5 of their choices, and a mystery item. I did. Here is the layout I did for that challenge.

This is the information about the page. I kind of like it. It certainly helped with my missing mojo...
Treasures c/sBG – Oh Baby Baby – Matthew
BG – Cupcake
AmericanCraft – thickers
Lacing Brad
Painterly Petals –
PrimaScribbles – 3D Paint
Ribbon (Ric Rac)
Kaiser – Rhinestones
Kaiser – Pearls
Dew Drop Memento – Summer Sky Ink
Ranger – Ocean Aqua – Sea Shells Ink
K & Company Urban Rhapsody rub-ons
7 Gypsies Rubbings Hudson Valley Journal rub-ons
SticklesTechniques: -- Took paper and placed over the picture… Then created an opening by pulling paper apart, tearing it in an outward fashion, rolling it outward, inking it, and tying it back with lacing brads.
Inked pure white thickers with blue ink, and decorated with rub-ons. Then coloured in some of those rubons with Scribbles 3-D paint and stickles. Created flowing with scribbles and stickles, from the flowers as well.
Sound asleep,
dreaming ofAll life has in store.
I’d loveTo know what that is!
So today we move on to Challenge #2... and I was voted to move on. Yay! I'm happy! I'm off to check out what challenge #2 is about now. Can't wait!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Have I Become That Woman?

Have I Become That Woman?
... and ...
~ A Giveaway ~

Ugh. I HAVE become that woman. When her hubby isn't there, she spends her time, counting down until he is there. My man went away for the weekend. One solitary weekend. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And it was too long. It was much much too long. I managed to fill my time... of course I did. Am I a scrapbooker? Or what. But still... Much of my time, WHILE scrapbooking... was spent counting down until I'd see him again.

And then he was here. And I wasn't counting down anymore. I was comfortable again. My world was right again. I was able to think about OTHER things again. How silly. How typical me. What happened to that independant woman? What happened to that girl who managed just fine, thank you very much. She morphed into me, apparently. She spent 20 married years with a good man. She spent 27 years with the same man. A good man. A man of comfort and love. Yep.

Today's Top 10 Creative Prompts will be about Love, in keeping with the schmaltz above.

1. What I love Most about you is...

2. Then and Now

3. You are Still the Same Man I married

4. If I could do it all again...

5. Your favourite expressions are...

6. You are mine because...

7. What makes us a couple, is...

8. The Superhero you most remind me of...

9. Your Top 10 Qualities are:

10. The smell that reminds me of you, is...

Last chance to post a comment to win a year membership to the International Scrapbooking Association. Come on! Post in the comments here, or on the last post.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank GOD It's Friday!!!

Thank God It's Friday.... and a Giveaway!

I'm desperately in need of the weekend. My husband is away, and is due back, thank God.. and my Puggle hasn't adjusted well to Daddy not being here the past few days. AND... he's a LOT of work when he's unsettled. Can I repeat..... I'm desperately in need of the weekend.

Here's my day, so far... I get up at 5:45, after finally getting puppy puggle to play dead in his bed... aka pretend to sleep while staring at me all night to make sure that I didn't disappear like Daddy... around 2:30am. Sweeping my feet to the floor, and heading down the stairs in the dark, I almost trip on... yep, you guessed it... puppy puggle, trying to beat me down the stairs, after assuming in his sleep addled puggle brain that I was trying to sneak off to Daddy, and leave him home. Righting myself, and moving forward, I make it to the livingroom, and turn on my morning fix of Morning Joe on MSNBC, and tell puppy puggle to head on out to *make a potty outside*. He happily leaps outside onto the deck, and leaps immediately back into the kitchen, after discovering... much to his chagrin... that there is raindrops falling out there. He heads to the box to do his job inside... where it's dry. Of course.. the morning business is long and lusty, and it takes me quite a bit of time to clean up after him, empty his box... put clean paper and puppy pads down... and have it ready just in time for ....

uh huh... potty Number TWO. Which is equally as lusty as the number one was... only deadlier. Picture me... once again... cleaning the little guys toilet again... spraying... plopping onto the couch... and looking up at the tv. I get up.. realize there wasn't anything to make for picky son's lunch.. so yogurt, apple, drink and chips it is... dishes not done last night... are next. Email is handled... then son comes down...then get the cursery kiss while he realizes... OH NO. It's picture day, and I need money.. and the form filled out. Thanks for the heads up, son, I say. I then rush to get me and puppy puggle ready for work, so that I can take son to school, to have time to fill out form for pictures, and send money. I go to pick up puppy puggle while son jumps into the van, while leaving the front door open. Something you don't do in a house, commonly referred to as Noah's Ark. The cat (completly an indoor bub)... leaps to his freedom. Yep... son runs after said cat, while me... I am toddling after said son, holding puppy puggle, letting secondary cat out the door... while said son is yelling and chasing and yelling more that he is gonna be late for school. I say "Son.. stop chasing him. He'll stop running." Son doesn't believe me, and maintains the chase. Finally he stops, angry and put out, and tired, and dismayed, and frustrated, and almost late for school. I pop particularly plump puppy puggle into the van, and calmly walk up to cat, who is now half way down the street... I pick him up, and hand him to frustrated son, who is now even angrier, cuz he sees mom is right. Not a good thing for a teen ager to discover. And voila.. we hit the van, and head to school. Dropping off said son, puppy puggle and I head to Tim Hortons for coffees for office, and head on in. I pick up stuff in car for the office, connect puppy puggle to his chain, walk us all into the office, and begin our day. With no internet or email. Not good for an ad agency. So... my first order of the day is repairing said internet and email, handle puppy puggle... head on out for bull winkle, for puppy to amuse himself with... and busily handle the friday without hubby here.

Like I said. Thank God it's Friday. Whew. So... I have a giveaway today. I'm on the Team at the International Scrapbooking Association, and I have a membership to give away. I should tell you... it's an awesome site. It's fun, informative, inspirational, and helpful. That's a lot of positives. So.. leave me a post here, if you're interested in joining... and I'll pick someone to give a year membership to.

Post away! I'll pick someone on Monday!!!

By the way... I did a layout that I thought I would share.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Feature

A New Feature on my Blog!

My Top 10 Creative Prompts

I thought it was about time I added some fun things to my blog. So... I'm going to start with Monday Prompts. Every Monday, I'll post My top 10 Creative Prompts.

I'll change them up each week. Sometimes they'll have a theme... sometimes they won't. Sometimes they will be for boys... sometimes for girls... families... All About Me stuff... whatever.

Here is My Top 10 for Monday, September 8th, 2008.

1. I wish I was...
2. When I think of you, I...
3. One word that describes me is...
4. One word that describes you is...
5. If I was an animal, I'd be a...
6. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd live...
7. If I could be anything, I'd be...
8. The one way I've changed since childhood, is I'm now more...
9. Before you, I...
10. My top 3 wishes for you are...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out... September Kit
If you decide to check it out, and pick up on this awesome kit... let her know Sandie sent you! :) Here's the link:
The kit for September is about *Comfort*... and it's spectacular! You must check it out! (No, I'm not on their team... just love their kit!)

Isn't it great? Mine is on its way... and I'm IMPATIENTLY waiting for it. Chock full of yummy goodness, just listen to these contents!!!


9 Sheets Patterned Paper:
Chatterbox Botanico Tapestry
Chatterbox Botanico Pool
Chatterbox Botanico Trees
Chatterbox Botanico Blue Oak
Chatterbox Botanico Green Oak
KI - Love, Elsie Bonfire
Pink Paislee Tree House
Scenic Route Background Blue Gd Worn
Scenic Route Background Worn Lined

3 Sheets Specialty Paper:
Chatterbox Flocked Alabaster
KI – Love, Elsie Backwoods
Pink Paislee Green Lace

Chatterbox Fine Pressed Letters,
Chocolate, full package
Pink Paislee Green Lace Alpha Stickers, full package
Maya Road Metal Flower Trinkets, Brass, 4 pcs
Chatterbox Splendid Treasures - Alabaster, 11 pcs
Chatterbox Fabulous Brads - Chocolate, 6 pcs
Maya Road, Heart and Home Chipboard, 12 pcs
Maya Road, Tree Chipboard, 9 pcs
American Crafts Thickers Chipboard
Accents, Chestnut, 1/2 sheet
American Crafts Brown Stitched Ribbon, ½ yd
American Crafts Brown Felt Ricrac, 1/2 yd

Coredinations Cardstock - Coconut Cream
Coredinations Cardstock - Chocolate Mocha
Coredinations Cardstock - French Roast
Coredinations Cardstock -Bluebell
Coredinations Cardstock - Brownie

Tsukineko Memento Dew Drop - New Sprout
Tsukineko Memento Dew Drop - Summer Sky

Alterable Item:
Maya Road Tree Album, 8 pages

Acrylic Stamp:
Pink Paislee Acrylic Stamp - Scalloped Heart

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Layout or two... and life

A layout or two... and life. Um... and lets play TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok... All the ladies who come to my blog today... Consider yourself TAGGED!!! And I can see who you are!!! :)

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics. My son, my hubby
2. Where are the three best places you've been to? Israel, Disney, Italy
3. Name two things you do every day. Go to work. Scrapbook
4. Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you. I am a person of faith. I am a wife and mother.
5. Tell us two things that everyone DOESN'T know about you. I am writing a book. I own an ad agency.
6. Favorite smell? fresh cut grass; babies
7. Tell us ONE thing that you want to accomplish in the next six months. I want off of my cane.
8. Name your two favorite scrapping tools. My cutter; my printer
10. Do you have any Pets? I have a Puggle named Beauregard (Beau), and two cats... one named Disney, and one named Jaguar.
11. What color socks right now? Bare feet with sandals.
12. What are you listening to right now? My puppy is at my feet, yapping for attention.
13. If you could be any colour right now, what would it be? Soft pink, or Soft yellow.
14. What is your favourite Food?Pasta, Pizza, and Shepherd's Pie
15. Favourite Dessert? Ice Cream
16. What is your favourite beverage?Water. I dream gallons of it.
17. What is your favorite sport to watch? Baseball and golf.
18. How many different cities have you lived in? 3
19. What was your favorite toy as a child? Dolls and the game "Hands Down"
20. Favorite Quote or motto? "I was a really great Mom, before I had a child".

Ok. Yesterday, I talked about Confidence, and the August kit from Rachel Kaufman's "Scrapbooking from the Inside Out" Site. Here is my layout that I did.

This is me, when I was around 20 years old. I was in a sequined purple outfit, wearing a friend's boyfriend's black leather jacket slung over my shoulders. The emotion *Confidence* really was a tough one for me to scrapbook. This is the journaling:
What would have been different,
if I had more Confidence
when I was Younger?
Who would I have been?
What would I have become?
Confidence can changes lives ~~
Lack of Confidence also can
change a life. My life! Confidence!

Here's a layout of my son, Dana. It's called "Future Broadcaster". The journaling is as follows:
What you dream about,
you also fill your days with.
You practice constantly,
on how to be the BEST
Broadcaster on the planet.
The future Tom Brokaw ~
That's you!
And you will succeed!
Hard work, and the
willingness to DREAM BIG!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Kit

So, I joined a GREAT kit club!!! It's "Scrapbooking From the Inside Out". It's SO awesome. I just received my August kit... Have a look!

The whole point of this kit is to get in touch with the real stuff... the emotions and insides that make you who you are. The important stuff. Check out the site! It's new, and full of awesomeness. Rachel Kaufman is the owner... and she's really great!!! Tell her I sent you! You won't be disappointed. Here is the link:


Ok.. so what do I want to touch on today? I'll share the layout I created tomorrow. I didn't get a chance to scan it. It's about the theme from the kit above, and it's called Confidence. For me... confidence is like love. It doesn't get activated until I give it away. I am very confident in my son... in my husband... my friends, etc. But I have always lacked confidence in myself. I've always talked myself out of a number of things, because I expected to fail. I expected that I was not up to the task. Which is odd. I haven't failed at a huge amount of things, and yet I still expect it. I was told from the time I was a young child, that I should write for a living. I should push myself to write anywhere and everywhere, and to publish, publish, publish. Have I been published? Yes. Articles. I don't discount that that is great. I'm proud of myself. But I have had this book in me for years, and have lacked the confidence to complete it. Now, I am finally grabbing at the reins, and keeping some of that confidence I always give away, for myself. I have decided that I am capable. I am capable of comitting to this, and accomplishing it. I am capable of failing at it with grace, and moving on to create again... and try again. I have decided to allow myself to fake this confidence, until the emotion is real. So... I will finish this book. It is a book on Chronic Pain. Not a fun topic, sure... but one I know. One I understand. And one I have confidence in my ability to present.

Confidence. For me... it is one of those words that just scares me. It's right up there with Fear, and Loss, and Lonliness.

Where are you with Confidence? How has having it changed your life? How has not having it changed your life? I think this would make a great page for you!

Some sayings about Confidence:

Success breeds confidence. Beryl Markham

Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too. David Storey

Winning breeds confidence and confidence breeds winning. Hubert Green

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. Arthur Ashe

Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation. Source Unknown

Confidence is the bond of friendship. Publilius Syrus

Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don't think you can, you won't. Jerry West

True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man. Burt

Confidence and courage come through preparation and practice. Source Unknown

The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along. Arnold Glasow

Confidence is courage at ease. Daniel Maher

Ninety-two percent of the stuff told you in confidence you couldn't get anyone else to listen to. Franklin P. Adams

Assurance is two-thirds of success. Gaelic Proverb

Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. Michael O'Brien

One who has lost confidence can lose nothing more. Boiste

Confidence in golf means being able to concentrate on the problem at hand with no outside interference. Tom Watson

If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that ... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it. John Lennon

Confidence awakens confidence. Friedrich Von Sachsen

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you. Lao-tzu

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Makes Them Spoiled?

Ok... so I picked my son up a computer. He already had one... but it was 2 or 3 years old, so we went and got him one like the one I just bought myself. So now... he's got 2 computers in his playroom/office. It was a surprise to him... and he came downstairs after discovering it, saying "Ok.. Do you THINK I'm spoiled?"

I've been giving that funny line a lot of thought since then (the past 2 days)... and can't decide how I actually feel about it. But I've come to think on it this way. As I told him (he's 16)... he uses his computers for his future. (He wants to be a television journalist aka Tom Brokaw), and develops a lot of video productions. It takes up a lot of room on a computer... and he ran out of space on the last one, as well as on the external harddrive. Plus, he is on the honour roll, and has been each year of highschool. Plus he works hard at a job, and does hours a week in volunteer work. He's a good kid. And as long as he continues to be that kind of person, I won't worry about spoiling him with things he actually uses to further himself. HOWEVER... should it begin to adversely affect him... or he decides to be less trustworthy, etc... I'll re-evaluate.

Does that make sense? We never spoiled him much as a little guy. We tried to ensure that he understood the value of things. But lately, one could consider him slightly spoiled with regard to his electronics. :D

Being a parent is hard. It's HARD. Raising them until 12? That's so much easier than AFTER 12. After 12, they begin to move in their OWN direction... their OWN style... and you have to rely on having taught them enough, that it sticks. You have to rely on them. On their dreams being big enough to keep them on track.

I'm glad that we pushed him to have big dreams.

I thought I'd share a layout I did of him.
It's called "Go Your Own Way". The journaling says:
You have amazing, wonderful, and lofty dreams... and you have the God-given talent to achieve those dreams. Just be sure to carve your own path... forge your own destiny... and go your own way. Don't try to walk another man's path. God made you JUST the way you are for a purpose. HIS purpose. So Go your own way!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Computer

A New Computer... FINALLY!!!

I finally got myself a new computer... on Thursday. I hooked it up today. Why wait so long? I wanted to clean the area, top to bottom. I wanted to upload a number of my pics and layouts to photobucket. I wanted to email some important files to one of my email accounts. And I wanted to wait until the weekend when I'd have more time to get it all done.


This computer is so nice! It's an HP... 500 gb harddrive... 4.00 gb ram, and a 64 x 2 dual core processor, with 5000+ 2.60 GHz

Ok... so what does that mean exactly? It's fast. And the monitor is an awesome 22 incher, wide format... very nice to do graphics on. Very nice to do anything on, actually. Yay me. AND it's pretty. With every rainbow, one must endure some rain, however. I don't like the keyboard. It's smaller, more compact, and the keys are somewhat off for me. And .... ok... you MUST know this is coming...


Vista. I'd like to talk to the yahoo that developed vista. They hate people. It's a nasty OS. It's mean, hateful, confusing (and I believe ON PURPOSE)... and just generally a pain in my patootie.

But I will not let it dampen my new computer spirits. I need to come up with a name. I'm thinking "Zelda". ? What do you think? "Muse"? That's a good name too.

I'll think on it. Any suggestions?

What do you think about Vista? Have you gotten used to it? Learned to bury the hatchet? Developed a friendship? Temporary alliance with it? Or have you got a love/hate relationship, that is just biding it's time, to end it and move on?

Now I can make my way back to my favourite forums!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some New Layouts

Am I An Artist?
Today, I'd like to talk about artists, and artistry. I've grown up with artists. Both of my parents were writers, and my Mom was an artist. She was a charcoal artist. I always wished I had been given her talent. I considered her an artist. Me? I've never considered myself an artist. I'm a scrapbooker. A record-keeper, if you will. Are you an artist? Or a Scrapbooker? Do you consider them one and the same? I would love to call myself an artist. I'm a published writer... and I've had my scrapbooking published... but artist? When I design a page, I never have a plan. I just *go with it*. I just play. There are so many people out there that obviously have a plan when they scrap a page. Their work is breathtaking. I'm not there. I do my pages, my altered work, my mini books, etc. But they are just me.. with my toys... playing. Does that make me NOT an artist?
Tell me. What makes you an artist or a scrapbooker? Do you wish you were an artist, but don't consider yourself one? How can you change that? What makes you an artist?

On this track... here are a few of my latest pages...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Promised Pics of a Problematic Puggle (and my hubby)

The Promised Pics of a Problematic Puggle (and my hubby)

So... my beautiful Puggle, Beauregard... the saga continues. He had his next needle. There's one more to go.. and then "The Big Snip". (being a responsible owner, and not breeding... we have our animals spayed and neutered)... Feeling a little Bob Barkerish for a minute there. Anyway... Beau. Still coming into work with us each and every day. Still sucking up an awful lot of energy too. He's a darling doggy... but I swear... he gets to be more work as time goes by. I can't wait until we have him fixed in September. They *say* that they calm down then. Not sure who *they* are... but I know what they say. Right now... his little winkie pops up and out with enormous frequency and spacial context. And it is requiring a number of wipes a day. How's that for saying it in a dainty fashion??? As Mommy to this monkey faced muppet, the pleasure is all mine, to do the cleaning. Hubby has decided it's not his duty. And the 16 year old son, is equally adamant about not participating in that part of his upbringing.

But tell me... is he worth it? I think so. Most of the time.

I did up a layout about the two of them. (I think they look alike) What do you think?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Challenges and Contests and Design Teams, Oh My!

Challenges and Contests and Design Teams, Oh My!!!
Whenever I get stale with my scrapbooking... I tend to start looking at participating in Challenges, Contests, and Design Team tryouts. Why? Because it sparks something inside me. Something creative, and innovative... and something that dwells *outside my personal creative box*. I seem to be able to move forward... usually. Not always, of course... but often enough, that it compels me each and every time, to start looking towards these things, to grab back my creative self. But then... when do you become a *serial contestant*, and when is it just ok to play anyways?
I've been on Design Teams that have made comments about the people who are once again playing, when they seem to be in every challenge, contest, or DT tryout. I've heard the negative comments aimed at these perpetual participants. I may have even taken part in these chats.. So it begs the question... Is it always ok to participate as often as you like? Or should you just back off... and play only now and then? How often is too often? And can you play as often as you like, as long as you aren't winning all that much?
... and since we're on the subject... what about the fairness of Contests? If you participate in too many contests, do you think that judges hold it against you? Do you think you still have as much of a chance of winning, if you have the reputation of playing all the time?
There are some contests that surprise the heck out of me, when I see who wins, and who doesn't. I wonder what the decision was based on. But usually... when the vote is done by the residing Design Team, or Manufacturer Team, it's usually pretty fair and unbiased. Which is awesome. Which leads me to ask...
What kind of contest do you prefer? The kind that is judged by the Design Team? Or the kind that is judged by everyone? I'm not exactly thrilled with the ones that open the vote up for all and sundry. Probably because I don't have enough friends to ever do well in those. People are forever posting to groups and forums that I belong to, along with my own personal email... asking for a vote for one thing or another. And sometimes I even vote for them... cuz they asked... even if I'm also in the same contest.
Is that crazy, or what???
Yeah. It's odd. Anyway... I'm rambling today. I did create some stuff this weekend... I'll scan them in tomorrow... and post them.
I'd love to know what you think about the above stuff. Me? I'll most likely continue to jump into the fun stuff... cuz they spark me. I like being sparked. :) Hey! Tomorrow... some updated pics of my Beauregard the PUG. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't Ya Hate it When?

Don't Ya Hate It When???

... You decide to *put yourself out there*, and get involved with a contest.... wrap your life around the deadllines involved...

... and get your stuff DONE! HOWEVER...



be unable to upload it...
and find yourself OUT of the contest?

Yeah. That's me with Embellished Idol 2008. I finished my project, and just couldn't get it uploaded. The deadline approached... as did my bedtime... and I had to hit the hay. Didn't get it uploaded... so I'm out.

I really liked the layout too! We had to use paint, and create a mask and a background. Not something I've done. So... since I'm out of the competition... I thought I'd share it with you!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Typical Day

A Typical Day

(during the week, that is)

So.. I talk to you about Beauregard a fair bit. I love him so much. But honestly? He's not terribly bright. OR.. he's super-smart, and constantly out-thinks us... and flat-out refuses to co-operate. I'm not smart enough, quite frankly... to know which way it is!

At any rate... a typical day for us... is to get up... get dressed.... and head into the office, stopping at Tim Horton's for our morning coffee... and bringing Beau with us.

Once we get to the office, I fill his water dish... hubby makes sure his bathroom mat is down to go potty *inside*... (it's a constant battle to get him to go outside). He'll go for a long play or walk outside... and run home or back to the office... to get INSIDE to go potty. Yeah. Like I said... dumb as a post... or much smarter than any of us, with his own way of doing things. He spends his day at my feet.

Here I am, at my desk... Looking engaged... um... ok. Not so much. But I am LOOKING!

Now... where do you find Beauregard?

Well... initially, you can find him watching my every move, to see if I'm going to get up from my desk. Then, he eventually decides to rest....
..... and then... he looks like this.....

Keep in mind, this is directly under my chair. You can see the wheel of my chair by his head. THEN.... when he REALLY settles in for his morning nap?

This is how you will find Beauregard....

.... and there you have it! My typical day, is spent TRYING to work, around a very dopey (or exceedingly smart), little Puggle, that spends his every waking moment, watching my every move!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a Green Project for Prima!

My Prima Green Project

I used some some Prima papers and material, along with one of the containers for flowers, and created this hanger. I actually like it. I took the lid, and attached it on rings, to stand up... and filled the inside with cardboard, covered with pp... so that pics were on both sides. And it became 3-dimensional. Here are some close-ups...

Monday, July 7, 2008


Here he is. My angel and my devil. My new puppy - Beauregard - aka "Beau"... is half adorable, and half demon! He is everything good, and everything horrid a puppy can be. And I love him with all my heart. He sucks up every ounce of energy I have. Every bit of patience I can muster... My Puggle. 18 weeks of pure terror... I love him, and alternately am aggravated beyond telling. We go back and forth between "Is he dumb?" or "Is he just saying NO to us!?" It's hard to figure it out.
I like this layout. It's more white space than I usually have. And it's kicky. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Paper Trunk!!

Happy Birthday, Paper Trunk!!!!!!!

We're ONE Year Old Today.

Join me in a piece of cake... and a rouzing rendition of Happy Birthday... (sung slightly off-tune)

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday, Dear Paper Trunk.
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrrrrrthdayyy tooooooooooo

and many mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!

Head on over to their site for a GOOD TIME!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Challenge

So at this site I've been involved with their contest... I did another challenge. This one had to be a grouping of 3. 3 Different things/layouts etc... with a unifying theme. So.. this is what I did.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Challenges Challenges

Challenges, Challenges, and More Challenges!
This is a layout I did for this contest I'm in at MyScrapbookNook. It is a non-elimination contest. It's been fun... but really challenging. Especially since I've been too busy to participate in some of the stuff. That means I'm doing a bit poorly on the points. I'll stay just for the inspiration, but definitely with this type of contest, I don't stand a chance, working full time, and being busy. You need to have a lot of free time in front of the computer. Not me. And there is a TON of talent in that pool. Such talented ladies... I love it. I love to be inspired by ladies who just *do their thing*. I love that about this industry. There is such a large talent pool to draw inspiration from.

Here are a couple more layouts that I did for the challenges there. The Big Sip, is using white space. I'm not big on this type of scrapbooking. Some people are so awesome at it!!! Another thing that I did is this mini album of 7 days in our life. It's called "A Typical 7 Days!"